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James Wattana's ranking

Postby Vallomas

I just noticed that James Wattana was considered as an amateur in the draw of the UK Championship (he will face Judd Trump). I know that he is in the Tour with an invitational card, but why does he appear in the Ranking List, especially in 74th place after his recent success? And in case he reaches the top 64 at the end of the season (not impossible), will he regain a proper 2-year tour card? Does anybody know?

Re: James Wattana's ranking

Postby Wildey

Apparently any Top up amateur James Wattana is included in that will earn a 2 year tour card if he makes the top 64 by the end of the season.

Invitational Wild Cards is a load of rubbish..

players legends or who ever needs to qualify the right way not get handouts its not charity its a professional sport.