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Re: 5 To Watch Out For in 2016/2017

Postby PoolBoy

Your link isn't 'working', mate!
I'm intrigued to see who you picked!

Interestingly, I started a similar, (but different) thread, around Christmas last year, asking who would be 3 'players to watch' for the calendar year 2016.

I went for Luca Brecel, Oliver Lines and Zhao Xintong (who was then an amateur).

So, I would still go for Oliver Lines and Zhao Xintong.
My other 3 would be, another Chinese player, Zhou Yuelong, plus Welshman Jamie Jones to re-establish himself and become a top-25 player.
Finally, my 'dark horse' choice is Scott Donaldson.

Re: 5 To Watch Out For in 2016/2017

Postby TheSaviour

Yesterday for the first time in a long, long time I felt the infinity and flair which used to be an ever-present to me 10 or 15 years ago. Before I even started to really learn any things. I suddenly felt that too when I one morning read that Ding Junhui had beaten Alan McManus in this year World´s semi. Nothing against Alan, not at all, but I think Ding is a great, great player and really deserved at least one Worlds final. But I lost that once so famous to me infinity and flair almost straight away after that. But the way Ding dispatched some really good players like Mark J Williams was just simple superb. Or how he knocked that last 147 which has been made when things otherwise looked an extremely dull. Just from nowhere. He has some balls.

But one thing which also was an ever-present to me, was the really tough hangovers. During many summers. A mate after a mate got fed up with me because of those and runned away. Too little proper work, too little proper human relationships, and too many San Miguels :-)

Re: 5 To Watch Out For in 2016/2017

Postby Vallomas

My picks are:

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh - Definetely one of the greatest players to watch. We all know that after his some kind breakthrough last season (with the 6-reds trophy and the two missed final blacks), he has left something to fulfill in the future. Maybe this season?

David Grace - He is expected to rise on the rankings, as a result of his unbelievable run on last year's UK Championship. Not really sure if he can compete in the same level again, but I am curious to see.

Hossein Vafaei Ayouri - To be honest I was dissapointed with his results last season, as I was expecting much more. I hope that he will do more to stay on top 64, but it seems that the visa problems won't let him make it...

Thor Chuan Leong - He showed his potential at the end of last season and made a good start in the new one. I think that he has the potential to rise on the top 64 before the end of his new 2-year tour card.

Akani Songsermsawad - I'm also impressed with his results, but haven't watched him playing yet! So, I hope that it will happen soon.

PS: Just changed my pick of McGill, as I didn't see the rule for the top 32 earlier.