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Prize Money 2016-17

Postby Dannyboy

Prize money for ranking events during the season 2016-17 has been announced by World Snooker - some noticeable increases, with total tour prize money set to reach the £10m mark for the first time:

Based on no further increases in non ranking events, prize money will be just a shade over the £9.6m mark*, plus a potential further £1m for a clean sleep in the inaugural Home Series:

*Based on exchange rate used for ranking list. In reality, the amounts committed in prize money could change vastly based on exchange rate fluctuations.

World Championship: £1.765m in total (£375,000 for the winner - the highest winner's cheque in snooker history; £16,000 for qualifying for the venue)
The Masters: TBC
UK Championship: £854,000 (£170,000 winner)
International Championship: £662,000 (£125,000 winner; £4,000 qualifying)
Players Championship: £382,000 (£125,000 winner; £10,000 qualifying)
World Grand Prix: £380,000 (£100,000 winner; £5,000 qualifying)
Champion of Champions: TBC
World Open: £523,000 (£90,000 winner; £4,000 minimum qualifying)
China Open: £515,000 (£85,000 winner; £4,000 qualifying)
Shanghai Masters: £470,200 (£85,000 winner; £6,000 qualifying through tiered format)
Home Series (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland): £371,000 (£70,000 winner)
German Masters: £280,250 (£60,000 winner; £1,500 qualifying)
European Championship: £266,734 (£56,250 winner; £1,312 qualifying)
Indian Open: £303,000 (£50,000 winner; £2,000 qualifying)
Six Reds World Championship: TBC
Riga Masters: £153,350 (£37,500 winner; £525 qualifying)
Snooker Shootout: £144,000 (£32,000 winner; £250 first round losers)
European Tour (PHC, Gibraltar): £93,750 (£18,750 winner)
Championship League: TBC