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Resigning Tour Cards

Postby fridge46

With the news that Vinnie Calabrese has resigned his tour card, with the rumoured intention of gaining a fresh 2-year tour card via next months Oceania Championship - do you think World Snooker should close this loop-hole or prevent players resigning?

Before I give my opinion, I just want to say if I was in Vinnie's position, I would do exactly the same! He has almost no chance of being ranked inside the top 64 come the end of the season, likewise he is unlikely to regain his place via the European Order of Merit.

To remain professional until the end of the season, his only other option to feature next season would be QSchool, but with only 8 spots, its not an easy route for anyone.

Furthermore, if he was European, he could also have the option of entering the EBSA Championship in June, by which time he would have amateur status allowing him to compete.

So to answer my question:

Yes. Players should keep their tour card until they lose it, and should not be able to qualify for the next season via amateur events.

This should be done for fairness: In the past Oceania, Asian and Euro U21 Championships have been held before the season finishes, whilst the European (and last year Asia U21) Championship are held afterwards. This provides more possible routes to players of specific ages/nationalities over others.

I propose a return of the previous rule: no player can regain his tour card for the next season by winning an amateur event, regardless has to whether he loses professional status. Their only options would be by being ranked high enough on Order of Merits, or QSchool.

In terms of resigning from tour not to requalify (maybe Advani falls in this category), there is nothing you can do to stop that, but they are blocking other players from their region who do want to play on the main tour. I propose that anyone who accepts a tour card then resigns, be disqualified from the main tour for 2 years or so. That way we get players who are serious about snooker and their careers.

Of course, there can be exceptions - medical reasons or denied visa for example.

Just my thoughts...

Re: Resigning Tour Cards

Postby Roland

What's the issue? As far as I'm concerned you want the best players on tour so if Vinnie wins it again then it only re-emphasises he's the best player in the Oceania region and so deserves the tour card.

Re: Resigning Tour Cards

Postby Roland

So you'd rather someone else not as good as Vinnie fill his place. Ok then, why?

Re: Resigning Tour Cards

Postby Wildey

Roland wrote:So you'd rather someone else not as good as Vinnie fill his place. Ok then, why?

i would rather they scrap these token places theres better Amateur players in Britain than there are in Australia that cant get on Tour because the system says get a nationality that is not British and you have a better chance because the pool of players is weaker.

i want the best players possible on tour so more Q School places with events being held in Australia, Canada, etc etc and then the best players will get on tour.

By limiting the entry in a tour qualifying event to one country means the best of a bad bunch has a chance to get on tour.

Vinnie hasent got faith in his ability to mix it in Q School so he takes a easier route.

Re: Resigning Tour Cards

Postby fridge46

Aditya Mehta has resigned: ... from-tour/

But did he really have to?! He could have just not entered the remaining events - being injured should be a good enough reason not to incur any fines (if there is any); besides there are players on tour who havent bothered to enter any events for the last 2 years.

He is pretty much guaranteed to receive a fresh 2 year tour card for 16/17-17/18 (currently 5th on the list to receive one of the eight cards on the EOoM).

He might be wanting to play in the Asian Championship (16-23 April) - but why would he?! He has a tour card secure.

I am just a bit puzzled by this decision.

Re: Resigning Tour Cards

Postby Wildey

if you don't enter there is no fines he isn't in China Open, World Grand Prix or Players Championship all he had to do was not enter the World Championship Simplesssssss.

if he was going to play in the Asian Championship that defeats the purpose of having time away from the sport might as well play in World qualifiers

its a baffling decision and its very pointless resigning.