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Ali Carters Ranking

Postby fridge46

Has there been any official word on how World Snooker are going to handle Ali's ranking/money when he returns?

If not, I have an idea:

Ali has missed/will miss the following events - AT1, Wuxi, Australia, ET1, ET2, Shanghai and International Championship (He returns at ET3, which is after the IC qualifies, so I assume hes going to be absent here). As such, I propose that Ali gets the money he was unable defend (ie, the prize money he received from these events in 2012):

AT1: 0
Wuxi: 3,000
Australia: 2,411
ET1: 400
ET2: 0
Shanghai: 10,000
International: 7,000

Applying this, Ali will have £218,079 (plus whatever he makes at ET3 and AT2) ranking money at the cut off point after the International Championship, which will rank him around 13th. This is the same as his ranking at the end of last season, albeit with a few £1,000 less.

Its not perfect, as Ali could have gained more money, he also could have gained less, especially as seeded losers get £0 (which wasnt in operation in 2012). But I think its the fairest way to go about it.

What do you think WS will do? Or do you have any other ideas?

Re: Ali Carters Ranking

Postby PLtheRef

So far as I was aware his ranking would be Frozen so I think it may be a case that essentially it'll be credited with the amount necessary to hold that position in the rankings