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Full Provision 2014-2015 Calendar

Postby fridge46

Released today.

QSchool now finished May 21st.

Season now starts on May 24th.

Qualifiers for Wuxi, India, International Open, Germany, World Open and China have had an extra day or two added.

Welsh Open now held over 7 days instead of 12 like last year (7 matches in 7 days?!?!)

World Open brought forward by almost 2 months.

Potential new event in mid-March

World Qualifiers start 2 days after China Open (as this year, but seeding cut off will be after China Open this year)

Re: Full Provision 2014-2015 Calendar

Postby Dannyboy

The World Grand Prix has been launched, to be televised by ITV, with £100,000 to the winner, to take place in March (venue TBA). This will involve the Top 32 players on a 1-year money list. Prize money looks like it'll go past the £9m barrier for next season which will be an all time record.

ITV have also sealed a 5-year deal for the Champion of Champions tournament.

Uncle Barry has also stated that 19m people have tuned in to the World Championship so far on the BBC (5% up) and 120m have tuned in on Eurosport across the Continent. (50% higher than previous years). There are also record viewing figures in China.

World Snooker is making more money than the Royal Mint at the moment.