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Players losing Top 64 places

Postby roy142857

Mike Dunn's (not that surprising) loss to Dīng Jùnhuī in the German Masters means he didn't gain enough points to retain his Top 64 place and so may play a Top 64 player in each of the Welsh and China Open first rounds. Despite not reaching this weeks action, the beneficiary of that is Robbie Williams, who gets to play a lower ranked player at the start of those tournaments.

James Wattana had already slipped and also falls out of the Top 64, with Pankaj Advani the beneficary as neither Thepchaiya Un-Nooh or Luca Brecel had a major run in the German Masters.

Of course, players still have to win their matches, but certainly mostly an advantage to open with a lower rather than higher ranked player. Dunn and Wattana could benefit if two or three top ranked players skip these tournaments, but they are also now behind Ian Burns, who would be the first beneficiary if a top ranked player doesn't enter (Dunn is ahead of Wattana, Un-Nooh and Brecel are 'next in line').

Re: Players losing Top 64 places

Postby roy142857

So only Ronnie O'Sullivan missing for the China Open from the Top 64 players, with Ian Burns being the beneficiary, but getting drawn in the first round against the quite handy Craig Steadman.

In the first round Mike Dunn gets Tom Ford and James Wattana gets Matthew Stevens. For the players who took their Top 64 places, Robbie Williams is drawn against John Astley, Pankaj Advani against Chén Zhé.

Certainly pays to be in the Top 64 (but still got to get the job done!)