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Possible big winners/losers on change to money list

Postby roy142857

Been having a look at the accumulated money list for the end of season (both on and - they're set out slightly differently).

What really struck me is how most players move a few spots compared to their current rankings, but a few have a really big change. Unsurprisingly, quite a few of the beneficiaries are those who started or re-started at the beginning of last season. So a quick list of potential big winners and losers -

Potential Big Winners (10 or more places gained)

Ronnie O'Sullivan - ranking points 23rd, end of season money list 5th
Peter Ebdon - 31st, 19th
Mark Joyce - 48th, 37th
Cao Yupeng 61st, 39th
Rod Lawler 58th, 41st
Kurt Maflin 62nd, 43rd
Dechawat Poomjaeng 63rd, 45th
Pankaj Advani 72nd, 56th
Luca Brecel 71st, 61st
Aditya Mehta 73rd, 62nd
Sam Baird 80th, 64th

Potential Big Losers (8 or more places lost)

Stephen Maguire 5th, 14th
Liang Wenbo 34th, 42nd
Anthony Hamilton 39th, 47th
Nigel Bond 44th, 52nd
Jamie Jones 41st, 57th
Gerard Green 57th, 66th
Liu Chuang 53rd, 68th
James Wattana 60th, 77th
Adam Duffy 59th, 84th
Daniel Wells 84th, 94th

There'd be a few significant changes with smaller moves around Top 16 and the battle to stay in the top 64 to stay on tour -

Ali Carter 18th, 13th
Matthew Stevens 13th, 17th
Mark Williams 16th, 18th

Dave Harold 54th, 58th
Jimmy White 55th, 59th
Ian Burns 68th, 60th
Peter Lines 56th, 63rd
Liam Highfield 69th, 65th
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 70th, 67th
Barry Pinches 65th, 69th
Zhang Anda 77th, 70th
Mike Dunn 64th, 71st
Scott Donaldson 81st, 72nd
Tian Pengfei 67th, 74th
Chen Zhe 78th, 75th
Paul Davison 74th, 78th

Re: Possible big winners/losers on change to money list

Postby Witz78

its no surprise that winners and achievers are the ones who have the most affect from when the new order of merit kicks in, that's the whole idea of the system,


It will just be yet another great thing to happen to snooker under Hearn, it will encourage an end to mediocrity and will lead to players dominating again and the so called "top" players being the ones who produce the goods as the rewards will be greater

Re: Possible big winners/losers on change to money list

Postby Wildey

Money lists reward rubbish play or not play at all.

Rankings should reward Consistent performers over the course of 2 years rolling rankings.

Ronnie is 5th based on 2 Events and Ebdon is 19th based on 2 events that's not 2 years worth of performances.

Re: Possible big winners/losers on change to money list

Postby Wildey

this year there's £175,000 between World champion and Runner up in prize money stakes thats fair enough however in Rankings it makes it false £175,000 points is the equivalent of winning 2 Chinese events.