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Does IBSF Champion Mohammad Asif know he's on Pro Tour?

Postby roy142857

Not sure if this is Snooker News or Tour Logistics!

Pakistan's Mohammad Asif qualified for the Pro Tour by winning the IBSF World Championship, defeating Gary Wilson (who has since got on the Tour with his PTC performances)

Hard to believe he wouldn't know he has qualified, but he's at the Asian Six Reds and Team Championship in Qatar (he won the Six Reds), and was interviewed by the Qatari press. This from The Peninsula:

"I need to sort out a few things regarding my sponsorship. If that is sorted out, I am ready to give it a try. I will have to go to England and participate in one of the qualifying tournaments organised by Q School. If I win, God willing, it will be great for me, my country and for the game in my country. It is not easy to qualify. But, I will give it a try."

Can he really not know he's qualified already?

Or is he being mis-quoted? Someone tell him!!!

Another quote from him (might help with communications!):

"In the next few days I need open a Twitter account. I need to connect with my friends. I have a Facebook account but now I want to increase the interaction with my fans."

Re: Does IBSF Champion Mohammad Asif know he's on Pro Tour?

Postby Wildey

isn't new pros having some sort of formal greeting these days....

surely he has at least received a Welcome letter from World Snooker with confirmation.