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The young Chinese players

Postby Monique

I have said it before, but I'll say it again I've been impressed in Yixing by the very young Chinese lads who had qualified for the APTC2 tournament.

I thought I might ask a few questions to some of them, but I didn't quite manage, partially because I was busy taking pictures, partly because I had to be lucky enough to get hold of them when an interpret was around as I don't speak Chinese. So eventually I interviewed only two of them.

Here it is though.


Liu Yi Qi

14 years old
started playing at 12, got interested in snooker because his friends were playing.
Gave up school at 12 to concentrate on his snooker. Works with a coach, Ha Simu.
Lives in Henan.
Favourite player: Ronnie O'Sullivan because he has a unique style.
HB in competition: 132.


Wen Shanwen

16 years old
started playing at 13, was brought to the club by his father who plays the game himself.
Still goes to school so only practices on week-ends, and maybe once or twice on week evenings and of course during the summer. Speaks english quite well.
Favourite player: John Higgins because of his mental toughness and all round game.
HB in competition: 97

One thing strikes me here, and I know that those two are not exceptions: these boys didn't start playing at 7 or 8 like so many UK snooker players, and within 2 or 3 years they have reached an excellent standard. Surely this says something about the quality of the coaching those youngsters are given, as well as their dedication.
Another one is that, despite Ding's quasi god status in China, he doesn't seem to be the role model those young players are inspired by.

Re: The young Chinese players

Postby Witz78

just as well you didnt get to speak to them.

Youd have told them to get back to school and wait 10 years before worrying about giving a snooker career a go haha