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Points for new players 2012/13

Postby roy142857

I wasn't happy with the way starting points were allocated last year for new players, because the points were based on those of the lowest ranked player to re-qualify from the PTCs (Igor Figueiredo) - which left the new players a long way adrift of the 64th placed player.

Anyone know if the same thing is likely to happen this year?

Simon Bedford is likely to re-claim his tour place through the PTC route, and not only is he a long way adrift, he's not entering tournaments - if he keeps not entering, and the points for new players are based on his points, they could be an absolutely massive way behind.


Anyone any thoughts on or knowledge about this?

Re: Points for new players 2012/13

Postby Witz78

yes as i worked out earlier in the season Figeuerido finished 80th last season and thats the equivalent points / position newcomers this year were given so in theory the newcomers have to finish at least 48th on this seasons 1 year list to survive on tour via the top 64 which is a joke.

80+48 = 128/2 = 64

Any tour newcomer finishing within the top 64 on the one year list should stay on tour, simple as that.

Re: Points for new players 2012/13

Postby SnookerAnalyst

I know that the Snooker Players Association looked at it last year and I imagine they will again. Not sure I'd expect any changes for next season though.

However, with the Tour set to increase to 128 players for 2013/14 World Snooker have already announced that all Q-school qualifiers will be guaranteed 2 years on Tour (not sure if they've made the same promise to any other newcomers). It might mean that the cut-off comes at higher than Top 64 as well - not sure how much World Snooker would have considered this yet though.

Re: Points for new players 2012/13

Postby roy142857

I know I mentioned this earlier in the season, I think part of the problem is one of perception - if the 8 (possibly 7 this year, assuming Craig Steadman is in from the amateur ranks) players not in the top 64 but with a place thanks to PTC performance are considered to have retained their place, they keep their points and it would be unfair on them to have new players come in above them, so the new players are given the points of the lowest ranked of those 8.

But if they are seen as having lost their place but regained it through PTC performance, you could then treat them and the new players the same, and place them just a small number of points (say 500) behind the 64th place player, and then there is a genuine battle for places based on performance.