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What a tour could look like under Barry Hearn

Postby Tubberlad

Well, whether people like it or not, Barry Hearn is the man at the top of snooker now, and I think we can all expect some major changes in the game. The question that has been going around my mind for some time now, is what the tour might look like under Hearn. Here's a few things I'd like to see come into effect.

Major tournaments (6)

World Championship: Will stay the same, except for one possible change. Start it on a Friday. May sound crazy to some, but I think the finalist who plays the final session of their semi-final in the evening is at a big disadvantage. If we start on a Friday, we can perhaps have a best-of-19 third-place play-off, or maybe just the day off. How about that?

UK Championship: Best-of-17 would probably be fine for the first three rounds, but I'd love to see changes to the semi-finals and final. I see no reason why we can't have best-of-25 semi-finals? Semi-final A could have 8 frame sessions at 10am and 7pm on the Thursday, with 8 frames of semi-final B sandwiched in between. Vice-versa the following day. The final should be best of 31 over two days.

The Masters: The provisional top 14, a qualifier and a wildcard can make up the 16 invitees. Best-of-11 for the first two rounds, a best-of-17 semi-final and a best-of-19 final.

Grand Prix: 64 players, open draw from the word go. Best-of-11 for the first 4 rounds, best-of-17 semi-finals and a best-of-19 final.

World Matchplay (to replace the China Open): To be held in Beijing. Best-of-9 matches for the first three rounds, to be won by at least 2 frames unless the maximum of 13 frames has been played. Best-of-11 semi-finals, 15 frame max, and a best-of-17 final with a 21 frame max.

International Trophy: First four rounds will be best-of-5 sets, each set being best-of-3 frames. Final best-of-7 sets.


Grade Two events:
Each of these events has 32 players, and matches operate on the same system as your average ranking events nowadays (best-of-9s, best-of-11 semi, best of 17 final, you know the drill).

Irish Masters
English Championship
Welsh Open
Scottish Open
European Open (Berlin)
Shanghai Masters


Players Championship:
Each one to have 16 players. You could have two of these tournaments on at the same time (Top-16 all qualify, split between the two tournaments. The 16 qualifiers also split.) Ranking points awarded (half of a grade two event), and the top 8 points earners from these events play at the finals, to decide the overall winner.

Best-of-7 for the first two round, best-of-9 semis and best-of-15 final.

Northern Ireland
South Africa

Germany (Finals): best-of-9 quarter, best-of-11 semi, best-of-17 final


Other tournaments:
Premier League: Shot clock. 8 players (world's top 6, a qualifier and a wild card). Two matches on the Wednesday as well as Thursday (not to clash with Champions League weeks, don't want a head-to-head). Matches best of 8 frames, a game ends when someone reaches 5, 4-4 is a draw. That means a game can finish 5-0, 5-1 or 5-2 (not the full 8 played).

Shot-clock-championship (potential ranking event)

Six-reds World Championship (perhaps could also use a sets format)

Challenge Trophy: Much like the FA Cup, could be spread over a few months at free weekends? Open Draw, each round best of 17 until the best of 19 final.

Nations Cup

Re: What a tour could look like under Barry Hearn

Postby Noel

thetubberlad wrote:Any views from people? :)

Yes... I, I have a silly view...


It's not about putting the cart before the donkey. It's worse.
Snooker is a great sport with tons of great players and fierce competition. But it is more.
The dog-eat-dog ferocity is in part because the fight is for the equivalent in professional sports
of scraps under the table. Real sport-sustaining food needed desperately.
The only thing that will get Snooker moving at all, let alone the right direction is traction.
I am the donkey. You are the donkey. We are the donkey. They are the donkey.
Without us, the PTC lads, as I mentioned in another post, may as well be playing with themselves.
Without us, Snooker is unbalanced, true, like a child struggling to stand, but also like a kid with no feet.
The "four-on-the-floor" traction comes from we asses in seats. Broadcasters broadcasting. Sponsorships
and promotions. Word-of-mouth.
Snooker needs to be entertainment not just quality competition. Hearn of all people should know that.
Barry let me ask you , "If a Tree Falls in the Forest and Nobody's around Does It Make a Sound?"

So, the question might be ammended to: What a tour could look sound like under Barry Hearn?

So far, sad to say, only a burnout.