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New Lee Doyle WPBSA bid

Postby Monique

anyone seen this by Ferret on TSF

A small article was published on The Daily Mail's website today (see below)

Snooker's in-fighting

Just three months after Barry Hearn took control of world snooker promising a new dawn, this wholly dysfunctional sport is back on a civil war footing.

The opposition led by Lee Doyle, the son of Hearn's long-time adversary Ian, are already calling for an EGM to sack the WPBSA board because they claim it only consists of Hearn's handpicked selections, Steve Davis, Jason Ferguson and David Douglas.
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I have spoken with Lee Doyle today and he has said that it is not him that is headlining this campaign, it was in fact the players that have come to him.

After a telephone conversation with Jason Ferguson he has confirmed that a requisition has been forwarded to The WPBSA to call a EGM with the agenda of putting all current board members up for vote on their positions by the membership and to elect Lee Doyle, Jim McMahon and Nigel Bond to the board.

Information - a notice has to be sent out to the WPBSA membership within 21 days of receipt of the requisition giving a date for the EGM which has to be set within 28 days of this notice.
The members who have backed up this requisition are;
Peter Ebdon
Adrian Gunnell
Alistair Carter
Nigel Bond
Martin Gould
Mike Dunn
Mark King
If the maximum limits are taken into consideration of 21 & 28 days this would put the EGM near to the end of November, around this time there is a AGM already scheduled where Jason Ferguson, Steve Davis and David Douglas will be up for the vote! it seems a little pointless calling a EGM when this could be sorted out at the AGM.

I asked Jason about the financial impact of calling a EGM and the bottom line figure seems to be around the £5,000 mark which is not a huge amount of money for The WPBSA but let us take into consideration that £5,000 would virtually fund The WLBSA for 12 months. I am sure this was a oversight by the parties involved in organising the requisition but can they now retract the acquisition and handle these matters at the AGM, saving The WPBSA some money and the bid being seen to be less aggressive!

This leads us to why?

Some people have raised concerns about the appointment of Jason Ferguson to The WPBSA and the fact that it seem he is just a puppet on Barry Hearn strings, is this the case? I can see how it may look like this but we are not in full possession of the facts to make an accurate judgment, at present I would keep an open mind but make note of what will be in and out of the media in the following weeks.

We have just under 7 weeks before this EGM and there will be alot of articles written for and against each board setup, we could probably write a list of which journalists / newspapers will be supporting who and indeed which players, but it all comes down to the bottom line - What is going to be better for the game?

Take into consideration that The WPBSA's main concerns are the rules and disciplinary, virtually everything else comes under World Snooker Holdings which Barry Hearn is Chairman.

Some interesting points have been put to my attention and I do intend on following them all up over the next few weeks, this is by no means the last you will hear form me on this subject but for me to give you all of the correct facts I need to talk to everybody and probably not just once so keep your eyes peeled, it will be interesting to see what everybody has to say on this subject.

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Re: New Lee Doyle WPBSA bid

Postby gallantrabbit

You know some of these blokes can't see for looking. Ebdon for example. I have a lot of time for him as a player and a person, but he's just come out of a 20 grand week, getting to the semis in Glasgow, generated by an opportunity that would take Lee Doyle forever to get going. I couldn't believe he stayed on Hearn's original board. And now Ebdon and others want him out? Mark King? The geezer must have been crying out for playing opportunities, and now he has them he wants to turn his back? Nigel Bond too. Could he call himself a snooker pro a year ago? He can now and he wants Doyle back <doh> I despair of some people I really do.

Re: New Lee Doyle WPBSA bid

Postby Roland

I'm surprised to see the name Martin Gould up there I must say.

Re: New Lee Doyle WPBSA bid

Postby Wildey

this is next to nothing

the WPBSA has no powers any-more

all they do is disciplinary and rule change maybe its more to do with the dissatisfaction of the Higgins verdict.

Re: New Lee Doyle WPBSA bid

Postby Roland

Speculation again wild. We don't know the reasons so best to wait until we do, hey.

Re: New Lee Doyle WPBSA bid

Postby Wildey

Sonny wrote:Speculation again wild. We don't know the reasons so best to wait until we do, hey.

its not speculating even just a suggestion as to why someone like martin who is on a crest of a wave at the moment benefiting massively from the new regime has put his name to this and surprisingly i don't see the name Stephen Hendry there.

they obviously feel there's something wrong somewhere it cant be from a playing perspective surely to see gould on there.

Re: New Lee Doyle WPBSA bid

Postby NedB-H

People are too quick too assume what players want, Gould is in a good run of form, Ebdon has found a few results after getting banished to the cubicles, but that doesn't mean either of them have to support Hearn. The thing about all these changes is that no one knows what's gonna happen, and if some players are nervous about change it's understandable, they knew where they were with Rodney Walker, it wasn't great but it was steady and predictable and they knew what they had to do. If they feel like they're getting left in the dark about what's gonna change in the next year or two, then why wouldn't they want a bit more of a say? Before they had a nice steady little earner, so they want reassurance that the rug won't get pulled out from under them, they'd much rather that steady earner than a system that makes millionaires of a few but paupers of everyone left behind, which'll be their fear. I'd bet that the only reason any players are supporting Doyle is that a group of players feel their voice doesn't get heard by Hearn, and they want a say in things and an ear to the ground.

Re: New Lee Doyle WPBSA bid

Postby Casey

I don't see this as a bad thing, the players should be the ones to vote the board in. The current board was not voted in by the players, if their is confidence in them they will stay.

Re: New Lee Doyle WPBSA bid

Postby Wildey

case_master wrote:I don't see this as a bad thing, the players should be the ones to vote the board in. The current board was not voted in by the players, if their is confidence in them they will stay.

i agree but i still say there needs to be harmony if they vote in people that aren't on board to the Hearn way of doing things whether we as supporters support it or not it would help if theres unity there.

and this talk about WC Deduction might show the way what players want and i honestly dont think the majority wants reduction because they want to test against the tournament they been watching on TV and that could be what throws out Steve from the WPBSA Board.