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2010/11 - Wildcards

Postby Monique ... e-nod.html?
Einsle gets the nod!
Saturday, 12 June 2010 13:03
German's Patrick Einsle has been granted a Wildcard for the 2010/11 Main Professional Tour. The youngster who competed on the tour a couple of seasons ago will join German based Brazilian Igor Figueirado on the tour as Barry Hearn aims to cash in on the popularity of the game in Germany.

The Wildcards to date have been very controversial as Barry aims to use the spots to promote the game rather than look after ex-pro's or just the next on the list.

Sure there are numerous top amateurs based in the UK who would look at the spots awarded Patrick, Igor and Reanne Evans and say why not me. But snooker needs to be promoted properly now more than ever and if this is what it takes then I say, work away Barry.

Igor's place comes after a superb performance in the IBSF World Championships but spreading the game worldwide is also a tactic here with a huge fan base in Brazil for Snooker or Sinuca which is a form with only one red played in Brazil and mainly on 10ft tables.

Indeed one of the first times Igor played on a 12ft table was back a couple of years ago when he arrived in Germany and hasen't looked back since.

Patrick wont have too long to prepare with the season now only two weeks away and we wish all three the very best on the tour.

With Rodney Goggins not taking up his spot from the Irish nomination it is now a wait to see if Ireland's nomination of Robert Murphy will be successful also.

Robbie finished No.2 in the rankings behind Rodney and it would be his first year on the tour if the WSA allow him the place.

Barry's intention to raise the profile of the game in Germany is clear. Igor is a deserving candidate: he was runner-up to Alfie Burden in the amateur Wotld Championship in India this season.

Re: 2010/11 - Wildcards

Postby Wildey


how good are they.

i understand the reising profile thing but i cant help wandering are there better players that cant get on tour because unfortunately they were born in the wrong country.

Re: 2010/11 - Wildcards

Postby Monique

Patrick is good but will struggle on MT IMO, however he's still very young and in Germany he doesn't have much opportunity to hone his skills by playing top players often. He might well progress fast and make it.
Igor is another type of animal entirely. About 6 weeks after coming from Brazil where he never played on a full size table he not only qualified for the EBSA European Champ in 2009 but made it to the knock-out stage. Less than a year in Germany and he was runner-up to Alfie Burden in the World Amateur in India. Expect some shocks on a samba rythm! :ba: :ba: :ba: