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This Hong Kong Masters tournament....

Postby SnookerFan

Anybody know if this is on the main Eurosport channel? Or Eurosport at all?

Or is it just a mess around in Hong Kong for some of the top players?

Re: This Hong Kong Masters tournament....

Postby TheSaviour

The draw is as good and quality as it just gets.

I am also very happy to be back! It´s boiling! Just got bored people were arguing I couldn´t be up to the standard anymore. But I still can. Two lines in a row here lol.

But there´s nothing miraclious about this tournament. They have tried it already many times with this kind of strongest possible line-up without any success. I hate to be a party-pooper and be too logical but that´s the way it is. There´s nothing what people shouldn´t believe. When it happens it just does happens okay. When we see their walk-ins we should be happy with already that. It´s the person´s and human´s game, not the robots are playing.

Re: This Hong Kong Masters tournament....

Postby TheSaviour

Bring it on!

The number 2163 is threatening to slide in..

I think have heard some rumours or at least read between the lines that Ronnie is playing much better and convincing than ever before. But will even it be enough? There´s someone called Mark Selby also now playing, and has Ding has managed to up his game even further now when these fays he is facing a scary challenges from his fellow countrymen, too.