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"Design your calendar"

Postby Dannyboy

As suggested on the other thread, I had a go at doing this.

-More events in Continental Europe. I guess it is a promoter / sponsor / money thing, because the interest is clearly there.
-Sensible travel - where possible doing back-to-back events in Asia. Offering breaks after Asian competition blocks.
-Reducing qualifier weeks. Making use of 6-8 table setups. People don't care about qualifiers (sorry), so get them out of the way.
-Keeping players busy but with the intent of picking and choosing events.

-Overlapping Q School at the same time as the World Championship. All qualifiers for the Crucible are automatically offered Tour Cards for the next season.
-Bringing back 'European Tour Events' played over 4-5 days. Suggest events in Latvia, Belgium, Poland, Germany.
-Majority of events being played over the flat 128 player format. Where there are qualifiers, all top 8 players are exempt to the final venue, plus at least 4 matches with local players.
-Return of events in Thailand and Turkey. Build in events in Hong Kong and Macau into the official calendar.
-Not being scared of changing the traditional Sunday finish to a Saturday.
-Dump the Championship League (please please).

Calendar if I was the King:

8-12 May - World Seniors Championship
22-26 May - Euro Tour 1 Latvia
29 May-2 Jun - Euro Tour 2 Poland

6-13 Jun - Shanghai Masters & Xi'an Grand Prix Qualifiers
18-23 Jun - Turkish Masters
26-30 Jun - Euro Tour 3 Germany (Paul Hunter Classic)

1-4 Jul - Saudi Masters Qualifiers
8-14 Jul - Shanghai Masters
15-21 Jul - Xi'an Grand Prix
28 Jul-3 Aug - Saudi Masters

11-17 Aug - British Open
19-25 Aug - European Championship
27-30 Aug - Wuhan Open Qualifiers

1-7 Sep - Champion of Champions
11-14 Sep - Hong Kong Masters
16-22 Sep - Wuhan Open
23-29 Sep - Thailand Masters

9-13 Oct - Euro Tour 4 Belgium
16-19 Oct - International Championship Qualifiers
21-27 Oct - England Open
28 Oct-2 Nov - UK Championship Qualifiers

4-10 Nov - Northern Ireland Open
18-24 Nov - International Championship
30 Nov-8 Dec - UK Championship

16-22 Dec - Scottish Open
27-30 Dec - Macau Masters

4-12 Jan - The Masters
23-26 Jan - Snooker Shootout
27 Jan-2 Feb - World Grand Prix

5-8 Feb - World Open Qualifiers
10-16 Feb - Welsh Open
17-23 Feb - Players Championship
26 Feb-1 Mar - China Open Qualifiers

3-9 Mar - German Masters
16-22 Mar - World Open
24-30 Mar - China Open

6-15 Apr - World Championship Qualifiers
7-13 Apr - Tour Championship
19 Apr-5 May - World Championship

Re: "Design your calendar"

Postby Pink Ball

Seriously, I'd look at having a tournament in the Republic of Ireland, Scandinavia (I think there's a lot of potential there), Belgium and maybe the USA, but I haven't a notion of where I'd slot them.

I might try to give it some thought.
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Re: "Design your calendar"

Postby Prop

Goffs would be grand. Francis managed the Seniors 900 there, so you’d think WST would have no problem, but I’m not sure it’s so simple. One table, one weekend exhibitions don’t demand what a week of professionals would. On the other hand, if WST got their hand in their pocket I reckon they could make it happen. Unfortunately, it’s cost. They’re bean-counters. bucking give it a go, you runts.

Definitely a void in Europe. Temple Drum is a magical venue, crowd seem absolutely enthralled by the most mundane matches, like a puppy with a ball. It’s weird, but heartening. Like they’re watching a comedy play or something. More of that would do no harm at all. Unless the Belgians are markedly different characters.

China’s fine. They’ve got enough. They’re back, and they fill a gap. Some of the tournaments are great, some are very bucking easy to criticise. You get the feeling a lot of the audience don’t ‘get it’, just like a lot of the Germans don’t get it, but at least in Berlin they don’t get their phones out and forget why they’re there.

Ultimately, and personally, I want to see the game played in classy, traditional settings. Proper theatres. The game at its finest is a beautiful manifestation of human drama. Where better to experience that than the buildings that were designed for it?

Re: "Design your calendar"

Postby SteveJJ

Here's my attempt. Would involve more tables at qualifying events and back to more all at venue events

3-6 Shanghai Masters Qualifiers
7-10 Xi'an Grand Prix Qualifiers
12-16 Euro Tour 1 - Belgium
19-23 Euro Tour 2 - Poland
26-30 Euro Tour 3 – Germany

8-14 Shanghai Masters
15-21 Xi'an Grand Prix
22-28 World Cup

1-4 Saudi Masters Qualifiers
5-8 Wuhan Open Qualifiers
12-18 British Open
19-22 Turkish Masters Qualifiers
26-1 Saudi Masters

2-8 Turkish Masters
10-13 European Masters Qualifying
16-22 European Masters
24-27 International Championship Qualifiers
30-6 Wuhan Open

7-13 International Championship
14-20 Hong Kong Masters
23-27 Euro Tour 4 – Latvia
30-3 Euro Tour 5 - Finland

4-10 English Open
11-17 Champion Of Champions
18-24 Northern Ireland Open
25-1 UK Championship Qualifiers

7-15 UK Championship
16-22 Scottish Open
27-30 - Snooker Shootout

2-5 German Masters Qualifiers
6-10 Euro Tour 6 - Ireland
12-19 The Masters
20-26 World Grand Prix
27-2 German Masters

3-9 Welsh Open
10-13 World Open Qualifiers
14-17 China Open Qualifiers
24-2 Players Championship

10-16 World Open
17-23 China Open
29-30 Mixed Doubles
31-6 Tour Championship

6-15 World Championship Qualifiers
19-5 World Championship

Re: "Design your calendar"

Postby Pink Ball

11th-15th: US Masters (USA, invitational, tranquilise Ronnie O'Sullivan and force him onto a plane if he says he's not going)
24th-30th: Paul Hunter Classic (Germany, ranking event)

8th-14th: Shanghai Masters (invitational)
22nd-28th: Chinese tournament (ranking event)

4th-10th: Chinese tournament (ranking event)
18th-25th: International Championship (ranking event)

1st-8th: Saudi Arabian Masters (ranking event)
16th-22nd: English Open (ranking event)
30th-October 6th: British Open (ranking event, play it in the Guild Hall if possible?)

14th-20th: Northern Ireland Open (ranking event)
28th-November 3rd: Champion of Champions (invitational event in Goffs)

11th-17th: Scottish Open (ranking event)
24th-December 6th: UK Championship (ranking event, extended)

14th-21st: Welsh Open (ranking event)

5th-12th: The Masters (invitational event)
13th-20th: World Grand Prix (ranking event)
27th-February 2nd: German Masters (ranking event)

3rd-9th: Belgian Open (ranking event)
17th-23rd: Scandinavian Open, Helsinki (ranking event)
24th- March 2nd: Players’ Championship (ranking event)

9th-16th: China Open (ranking event)
24th-30th: Tour Championship (ranking event)

19th-May 5th: World Championship (ranking event)

Re: "Design your calendar"

Postby SnookerEd25

Holden Chinaski wrote:I would put some naked women on my calender.

You live In the 1980s. Confirmed. :hmmm:

Re: "Design your calendar"

Postby HappyCamper

SnookerFan wrote:I prefer mine to start with January, and end in December.

Gregorian bullocks.

Re: "Design your calendar"

Postby SnookerEd25

HappyCamper wrote:
SnookerFan wrote:I prefer mine to start with January, and end in December.

Gregorian bullocks.


Re: "Design your calendar"

Postby fridge46

My turn:

Same as current format. 10,000 Ranking Points

Same format as UK Championship. Qualifiers Bo11, Last 32 to Semi Finals Bo17, Final Bo19. All matches at Venue. 5,000 Ranking Points

Flat 128 format. All matches Bo9 except SF (Bo11) and Final (Bo17). 16 First Round matches held over to Venue. 2,500 Ranking Points

Same format as the old PTC's. Fills gaps in calendar for lower ranked players. 1,000 Rankings Points

Couldn't think of a good name for these events, but are essentially the current World Grand Prix, Players Championship, etc.
Tour Series - Top 64: Top 64 on 1-year list after European Championship
Tour Series - Top 32: Top 32 on 1-year list after UK Championship
Tour Series - Top 16: Top 16 on 1-year list after China Championship

Masters: Same as current format.
Champions Cup: 16 Event winners from previous season. 4 groups of 4 followed by QF, SF, F.
Nations Cup: 16 Countries in 4 groups of 4. 2 players per country.

Example Calendar:


Re: "Design your calendar"

Postby Dannyboy

Fridge - are you ever going to give players a rest or allow them to travel? :D

Honestly, one thing I was doing when I was working out the original post was to give them more opportunities to offer adequate travel time and not do a tournament straight after a major like you have with the Masters and Championship League.

I think it was Neil Robertson who had to play a final in the Masters on a Sunday and then was scheduled to play the next day in such CL. What a nonsense.