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Re: csp world rankings.

Postby csprince ... sp=sharing

world rankings after the german masters

points removed

2 year ranking the shoot out

i have awarded the suspended chinese players their ranking points/money from the german masters.

dave gilbert has not earned any points from the german masters as he didn't complete his first round match with andy hicks

andy hicks does receive his bonus points for the gilbert match on the csp rankings.

Re: csp world rankings.

Postby GraceMccormick

csprince wrote:i've decided to do my own rankings it's a 12 month rolling system including bonus points for beating a top500 player. bonus points are doubled for the worlds and halved for the shootout. any drawn matches at the championship league (the ranking tournament version) will also earn half bonus points.

the rankings will include q school the challenge tour the masters the champion of champions and the shanghai if that returns. from this weeks q school bonus points will be awarded

all ranking updates will now be on this thread.

any comments or questions are welcome.

it seems like a creative and well-thought-out approach. Good luck with maintaining and updating the rankings!