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Memories of Paul Hunter...

Postby SnookerFan

We really should have this thread. It is the Paul Hunter Classic.

About the second or third match I ever saw live was Mark Williams vs Paul Hunter. At The Masters in Wembley.

It was January 2006, and Paul had been through a lot of chaemo. He had lost his trademark blonde hair. He was completely bald. Mark obviously didn't take any pleasure from beating a cancer-ridden Paul, but was there to do a professional job.

Mark won 6-3. Most fans were upset for Paul Hunter, but Paul was having none of it. Despite his obvious illness, he was still playing the sport he loved. And he was so happy to have won 3 frames. Despite his condition, he was the happiest man in the arena

Less than a year later, he was dead. :(

Re: Memories of Paul Hunter...

Postby TheSaviour

A very solid player. Since him there hasn´t really been anyone like him around. A very solid break-builder. Great nerves. He certainly was a one-off, and I really mean that.

Watching his great 50-50 battles against Ronnie O´Sullivan, you really come into the conclusion there really isn´t any limitations of human intellect or intelligence. Christ.


Re: Memories of Paul Hunter...

Postby Sickpotter

Funny, watching his battles with Ronnie I came to the conclusion the man had tons of bottle and was far stronger mentally than Ronnie was.

Pretty sure there's nothing that could be shown on a snooker table that could lead me to believe there weren't any limitations of human intellect or intelligence.

Compassion, sure. Heart, sure. Talent, sure. No limit to human intellect or intelligence? Sorry, too big a stretch to read that from snooker.

Albert Einstein said it best....

"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."

Re: Memories of Paul Hunter...

Postby Andre147

He would have been World Champ I'm sure, his character, grit, determination, laid-back attitude, he will forever be missed.

In that 2004 Masters Final, yeah for sure Hunter was much stronger mentally, but Ronnie too in that 2004-2005 years had probably the best years standard wise of his career, only a great like Paul could stop him from winning that title.

But their head to head was pretty even, even though Ronnie did lose that Final, he also had other important matches against him, and he won his fair share of them, in fact Ronnie leads their head to head record.

I didnt watch any of those Masters Finals live, but I watched every single frame of them on Youtube and yeah his will to win was like something out of this world. His Plan B in particular will forever stay in our hearts.