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Sessions whitewashes

Postby wave2000

Hi Guys
Please help me find the answer to this question:

How many sessions whitewashes in the crucible all time?

Re: Sessions whitewashes

Postby Skullman

Hi Wave,

According to the crucible almanac, there have been 52 session whitewashes. This excludes sessions under 6 frames (e.g. 12-4 to 13-4 is technically a session whitewash)


Re: Sessions whitewashes

Postby KrazeeEyezKilla

That's very interesting.

David Gray followed up a 10-9 win over Ronnie O'Sullivan with a 13-1 loss to Dominic Dale. If I remember right Ronnie hit five centuries in that game. When you consider the response by Ronnie fans to Hawkins yesterday imagine the reaction there would have been on forums etc to something like that.

Davis won the last seven frames against Reardon and the first seven against Taylor in 1985.

John Parrott had a first session whitewash two matches in a row, against White in the 1991 final and against Eddie Charlton in the 1992 first round.

Re: Sessions whitewashes

Postby vodkadiet

Selby whitewashed Higgins in the 3rd session of the 2007 final. He went from 4-12 to 10-12.

Higgins was also whitewashed by Doherty in the 2003 quarter final. 8-0 in the first session. He went 10-0 down, before winning the next 7, and almost made it 8-10.

Higgins also whitewashed O'Sullivan in the second session of the 1998 world semi final.

John Higgins snooker that year was the best you will ever see.