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Ding's deliberate miscue

Postby SnookerFan

I know this is probably incredibly stupid, but I don't play snooker at all. I just watch it and talk rubbish on here about it.

But can so!ebody explain to me why Ding played that shot that way. I don't understand the advantage he gained.

He could've rolled up behind that pink without miscueing, surely? Or am I just being thick and non playerish.

Re: Ding's deliberate miscue

Postby Holden Chinaski

It's not easy to roll up to ball so close. It often goes wrong. It often happens that you hit the ball too hard, and it's also dangerous to get a push shot and that's a foul.

Re: Ding's deliberate miscue

Postby snooker_loopy

I think some player have deliberately gone for a safety shot and aimed the white for a pocket. If the return to baulk safety isn't on I reckon some players have deliberately gone in-off a red! But I guess it's a rare tactic.