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Serious problem with Shaun Murphy

Postby Pink Ball

Maybe he's misunderstood, I dunno, but as I was tuning into Dott v Williams the other night I saw him partaking in that little cinema feature with Doherty and Davis I felt angry.

I don't mind Davis and Doherty taking part because they're not in the mix for tournaments. Murphy though? Here he was criticising players he could have been playing during the tournament, why give them ammo? He already got in trouble with this segment with Mark Allen.

Anyway, his participation in such a segment made it look to me like he's being distracted from the game. Is he more interested in sewing up a place with the BBC (he's in every bucking segment they do) or does he want to make the most of his talent? Sadly I think I know the answer.

Sorry haven't been posting much - very busy at home

Re: Serious problem with Shaun Murphy

Postby Cheshire Cat

I mentioned it in the other thread, but this interview is what convinced me to close my ears to Murphy and what he says; moreso the end of it, the two things he'd change about the game.

I love how he plays, but the guy spouts some toss.

Re: Serious problem with Shaun Murphy

Postby Lucky

I find him totally detestable. He comes across as incredibly arrogant and smug. Hopefully by the time he's finished and tries the pundit route the BBC will be only showing gay and lesbian, non gender specific, non contact sports. Thus he'll be unable to get a TV gig and disappear from whence he came.

Re: Serious problem with Shaun Murphy

Postby SnookerFan

I do find Murphy's appearance on this ill-judged. He's a current top-16 player, him sat there going on about how marmite other players are feels wrong somehow.

I know Ken-Do is still a player, and Davis technically was until Sunday. But they're not having career success, or even qualifying for much any more. They are predominantly paid to be pundits. Giving opinion is their job.

Murphy probably just realised they were filming, and begged to let him give his opinion.

It somehow feels he is berating colleagues more than it does with Davis or Doherty. Couldn't they get Hendry if they wanted three people?