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How do you think Stuart Bingham will fare in his World Championship defence?

Poll ended at 18 Apr 2016

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The Crucible Curse and Stuart Bingham

Postby PLtheRef

In 17 days time, Stuart Bingham will become the 20th man to attempt to break snookers most notorious hodoo - the Crucible Curse.

Whether you believe in it or not (given we've had three successful defences - and in instances several times over) it still remains a sticky point for those who return to the old theatre after a rather good May the year before.

Of Stuart's 19 predecessors six promptly lost their first round match, with a further three going out in match two. Six have made the one table setup though it's not since 2002 that the first time champion achieved this.

Bingham hasn't had the best of times until coming close at Llandudno but
Joe Johnson famously had a rather torrid season as World Champion but despite predictions of being a first round casualty, came the closest anyone has come to breaking the Curse. A good run in China as World Champion doesn't necessarily mean a good run at the Crucible as World Champion - as Graeme Dott and Mark Selby both discovered.

What do you reckon Bingham's chances are? An early departure as has seemingly been the case with first time defenders in recent years? or will we see a surprise in Sheffield?
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Re: The Crucible Curse and Stuart Bingham

Postby Cheshire Cat

I've always thought the 'Crucible Curse' was just a talking point for the BBC (I haven't watched ES coverage of the Worlds, so, I don't know what they're like). It adds a bit of hype or extra 'drama' to the Worlds.

I'll always remember when Selby was defending it, he seemed sick of hearing about the 'curse' in his interviews. The Beeb were like a hound during his close run with Kurt Maflin and then against Anthony McGill, could not shut their yaps about the Crucible Curse claiming another victim.

It's not like i'll be happy if Bingham goes out early, but I won't be particularly bothered either. If you're not good enough on the day, that's that, it's the same for all players. As with all Champions of our game, you just want to see them give a good account of themselves.

Personally, I don't think he'll defend the title, at best I think he'll reach the quarters.