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Deleting Off Topic Posts

Postby Roland

Topics/threads on Snooker Island fall into 2 categories.

The first is where fans can talk about the matches they're watching live and interact with others who are also watching. These sorts of topics are a free for all and you chat amongst yourselves as much as you like. This includes topics on players and head to heads and who is better than who and latest stories in the world of snooker etc etc.

The second type of topic is for serious discussion for members who wish to talk about the game in depth without having idiots disrupt the thread of conversation with off topic nonsense or half witted one liners irrelevant to the subject matter.

If the topic doesn't interest you, don't feel you have to post in it. How simple is that to understand?

The moderators have been instructed to delete posts they see as deliberately steering such a topic off topic. Persistent offenders will be banned on the grounds of trolling. Comments and topics complaining about off topic posts being deleted, or other moderating decisions will also be deleted.