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WS International Championship Final !!!

Postby Skullman

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Sunday 25th of October~Sunday 1st of November at the Baihu Media Broadcasting Centre, Daqing, China

Final: John Higgins v David Gilbert

So down to two players at last. First we have Dave Gilbert who had never been past the last 16 of a full ranking event this week, beating Thepchaiya Un-Nooh in the battle of the inexperienced players. And then we have John Higgins who has rediscovered his form and has made it to his third ranking final of the year and second of the season, beating Masters champ Shaun Murphy and World Number One Mark Selby en route.

At first glance, Higgins look the favourite, but can Gilbert complete his great run?


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Overall 1-1



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Re: WS International Championship Final Thread!!!

Postby hendry_fan

Well,who would of thought that,not only that Gilbert has come this far but also that Higgins has also come this far.

I,m not gettin too excited,even though Johns been playin well and is red hot favourite to win this now,cause everyone knows,that the underdog can beat the favourite,anything can happen in snooker,but John has a wonderful chance in continueing to add to the BIG silverware collection he already has.

I can,t see him losing tomorrow,but i,ve been wrong about Higgins a good few times,especially when i said that i was sure that he,d never win a ranking tourney again,since i said that he,s won 2,and has a great chance of winnin another tomorrow. :emb: :-D

Gilbert could prove me wrong,but i think he,ll feel the nerves and will not play as well as he has.

John,s showed some very good snooker this week,and even if he were to go down a gear tomorrow,his experience,determination will help his win this.

Since John saw Ronnie adding to his silverware,it certainly has inspired him to add to his collection.

:happy: COME ON JOHN,bring your ranking title nr 28,keep em coming. :happy:

Here,s the latest standings,......

Stephen Hendry=Ranking event finals: 57 (36 titles, 21 runner-ups)

Steve Davis= Ranking finals: 41 (28 titles, 13 runner-ups)

Ronnie O`Sullivan= Ranking event finals: 39 (27 titles, 12 runner-ups)

John Higgins= Ranking event finals: 43 (27 titles, 15 runner-ups)

Re: WS International Championship Final Thread!!!

Postby Vallomas

At last Higgins finds a good tempo, makes a century (108) and takes again the lead by the end of the session (5-4).

Gilbert could have done better, but he still has his chance for the trophy and the top 16 entry.

Re: WS International Championship Final Thread!!!

Postby hendry_fan

Did,nt see any of the first session,but i read that both missed a good few.

I thought that would happen,but as long as Higgins wins i don,t mind.

COME ON JOHN!.Just another 5 frames needed. :D

Re: WS International Championship Final Thread!!!

Postby SnookerFan

[quote="PoolBoy"]When it went 4-2 to Higgins, I felt he was maybe going to stamp his authority on the match and stretch away. But it didn't happen. It's very much game-on for the final session![/quote]

I know, right.

Higgins has been on frightening form. I was thinking 10-2 or 10-3.

Re: WS International Championship Final Thread!!!

Postby SnookerFan

PoolBoy wrote:
SnookerFan wrote:I'm back. Going to be able to watch the afternoon session.

Saw a few frames at my aunts.

You've got an enviable social life - you're always out! <laugh>

To be honest, I didn't realise Snooker was on when I agreed to do this.

I envy you lot being at home to watch this. I forget what my home looks like sometimes.
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Re: WS International Championship Final Thread!!!

Postby SnookerFan

Next weekend, I am dogwatching for my parents. So away from home again, if being a couple of miles away in the house you grew up in can count as such.

I'm going to put the PTCs on their telly. rofl

Re: WS International Championship Final Thread!!!

Postby hendry_fan

So,here we go,the final session,bring it on.

I,m sat nice n comfy,got a nice BIG cuppa tea,some yummy shortbread.

I remember Gilbert saying after a match,i can,t remeber which one it was,but he said"i feel flat as a pancake". <laugh>

I hope i don,t feel as flat as a pancake after this match. :roll: :-D