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Corridors & Cannons (from blue & black)

Postby Ander

Name: Corridors & cannons (from blue)
Level: 2 - INTERMEDIATE (20-50 break player)
Section: Cue ball control

Great routine for all levels to improve your cue ball control. Put a chalk mark on the table to play the same shot all the time, so that you only change the point of impact on the white.

You must pot the blue and bring the white through the "corridors" made between the balls. Once you've gone through the first corridor, you can pass to the next one (unless you miss the blue, which makes it an invalid shot). Count how many shots you need to complete six successful shots. Keep record of it to see how you are improving with your practice.


Once you've warmed up with the corridors, let's be more precise and go for cannons. If you're a very good player who can easily do 5 out of 5, concentrate on cannoning full ball, left or right side of the red, and you can go for 15 cannons instead of 5.


In both routines, it would be great if you could play from both sides of the table. If it takes you half an hour to complete the corridors and the cannons, leave the other side for the next day of practice. Trust me, this routine can be exhausting if you're under 50 % of success.

Obviously, you can do the same routines from the black, which will be slightly harder because you may compromise the pot when trying to control the white.



After practising theses routines for 5 or 6 sessions (no more than 30 mins each), you'll have improved A LOT your cue ball control. Plus, as a bonus, you'll have potted lots of blues and blacks off their spots without thinking about it. I don't recommend to start a session with this routine; practise other exercises for 15-30 mins and then pass to this one, as it can very demanding and frustrating. It'll also help you to stay cool (or at least work on it) when things are not going as expected.

It's also advisable to have a person that re-spots the blue/black for you. It's already tiring, so imagine if you have to walk around the table. You can practise for 15 mins and help your mate for the next 15 mins so you both have some quality time on your cue ball control.

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