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All colors are placed on their spots.

Play ten runs from yellow to black with ball-in-hand initially on the whole table. Colors are ball-on one by one, even if a ball was not potted. After having played the black ball, pocketed colors are re-spotted starting with black then pink and so on. In case of occupied positions, skip that color and place the others first. Then place the skipped ones as usual. Then, yellow is ball-on again with ball-in-hand everywhere.

Each pot gives +1 point. A foul is worth -7 points and the run is over. A total clearance gives +5 extra points.

Focus: potting, positional play, break building, clearing the colors

red = 0, yellow = 15, green = 30, brown = 40, blue = 50, pink = 70, black = 90 --- Range: [-70; 110]