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Re: LANDMARK IN SNOOKER HISTORY - Reanne Evans vs Shaun Murp

Postby TheSaviour

One thing about Murphy I do understand that he probably never laughs.

rofl rofl

He is capable of "writing things off" but not capable of joking, smiling or laughing as he hardly has time to laugh.

If that made any sense. Hopefully it made.

Anyway, well played Feilong, pushing Kyren all the way to make it a draw.

It is not on now, but later it very likely will be. Just an another complety switch of the fortunes!

Kyren is an another Ronnie. Thanks for closing the shop. YEA, I AM JUST TRULY AN EXPERT OF THIS, SO I WILL MAKE IT SO OBVIOUS WHILE ON THE TABLE. It doesn´t matter a thing what is your World Ranking. Just doesn´t matter a thing. Just as long as you are truly an expert of snooker, so make it even a little bit too obvious.

So no surprise Feilong got the result against another machine of arrogance. But hey, thanks thanks thanks thanks. Who needs all those truly experts? At least Ronnie and Kyren do understand they are not the champions of all the people…

Shaun Murphy hardly never shows up, but when he does it is truly great! Couldn´t QUITE believe my eyes when last time "I saw him", or his "results" to be more precise… Amazing results, all the way, concerns everyone! Means it doesn´t concern anyone…

One down (Feilong), next it is Lee Walker. Yami. Nam.