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Re: O'Sullivan vs Davis 2004 Welsh Open Final

Postby TheSaviour


Every department of his (Ronnie´s) game is spot on.

I mean when putting it and things on a larger scale. Every thing you might suspect and wonder a bit opens up a new window and windows. In a way that that´s the way it should be, that´s the way life should be. And even regarding tactics and little things it very well might be spot on. But you never know. It just have to be reasoned and figured out. But everything is kind of linked to the something else. Some people are just capable and willing to play like that.

Ronnie just can´t live without it (snooker). There always have to be that threat on. That he finds a form like what he had during those days.

Everyone is looking for something. Some edge or that something extra. But there is no answer. I would had find out if there would be, since I used to try to find that for years. The only answer is just to rely and trust to someone if you find a person like Ronnie.