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WSC 2013 matches

Postby Jester82

Is there any video website that hosts all matches in full length of last year's WSC as videos with english commentary? And I don't talk about youtube.

Re: WSC 2013 matches

Postby Roland

Youtube is the only place I'm aware of that people link to footage of matches. You also get the odd person out for personal financial gain by selling illegal DVDs of entire matches they've recorded for a tenner each but I've never come across a video website containing this type of stuff.

Maybe Snooky can help.

Re: WSC 2013 matches

Postby snooky147

Unfortunately snooker matches are rarely, if ever put on torrent sites or the newsgroups. There is one private site that did cater for them extensively but last I heard the members moaned so much about everything(from which matches to higher quality, you name it) that the guy that was capping them gave up doing snooker. I don't know if he has relented though but it's nearly impossible to get an invite.

Edit: There is no snooker on the newsgroups going back 500+ days. There is some on some of the public torrent sites but if you going down that road be well firewalled and use a proxy.

Don't forget, you can also download Youtube footage, again though be careful. Some of the downloaders come with some nasty extras.