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Re: Willie and Dennis dance for Sport Relief

Postby Witz78

Pretty cringeworthy yet funny too. Anything with Willie Thorne and Bobby George involved is guaranteed to be comedy gold though rofl

The only thing i was thinking about is, how the old players from the 80s are still the characters most of the general public are aware of.

I was watching the highlights of the 1982 WC last night, and it truly was a last 32 of characters, legends, misfits and personalities that were all household names and celebrities back then.

Where are the new characters, public figures.

Suppose darts is similar despite its revival under Hearn. Your average person on the street (non-darts fan) if asked to name 4 players would probably name Eric Bristow, John Lowe, Jocky Wilson and only Phil Taylor from the current crop, just like if you asked your average person on the street (non-snooker fan) to name 10 snooker players then the 10 most common choices given would probably be...

Steve Davis
Ray Reardon
Alex Higgins
Cliff Thorburn
Jimmy White
Willie Thorne
Dennis Taylor
Terry Griffiths
Stephen Hendry
Ronnie O Sullivan

mainly the players from the past, even then the non darts and snooker fans couldnt escape from being aware of the snooker players as they were personalities and on TV chat shows etc all the time.

Them days will never return but it would be good to see a new generation of well known players emerge.