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Re: A trip down memory lane

Postby Witz78

saw that a few months back, very skillful display and the crowd look enthused by it all, though the clash of personalities prob as much of an attraction as anything.

Ole Fred could play some mean shots, pity him and Joe hadnt been 40 or 50 years younger when snookers popularity took off as im sure theyd have still made a big impact and not been overlooked and almost erased from the history books.

Which as a side note brings me onto Sky taking Formula One, does that mean this is the first ever season of F1? in the same way that football only began in 1992 when the Premier League began

Re: A trip down memory lane

Postby Roland

It's not a pity Joe and Fred Davis weren't born later because then the history of billiards and snooker wouldn't be what it is! And the clash of personalities is missing the point, it was played in good spirit. You can see though that the happy go lucky approach of Higgins was never cut out for billiards.

Re: A trip down memory lane

Postby The Cueist

nice_shoes_ken wrote:Some highlights of the best player of my generation, that being from 1990-present.


He was some player,More consistent than a player who has his kind of style,Jamie Cope is very similar.

Got a raw deal,Higgins was slightly different in that it wasnt a wpbsa sanctioned event.

All i can say is that two wrongs dont make a right.He should have turned up and argued his case ,Alas the rest is history. >-(

Re: A trip down memory lane

Postby PLtheRef

If I remember rightly, Hann won that match 9-0 didnt he?