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Re: Ronnie & Mark Williams team131 total clearance

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rekoons wrote:Thanks for fixing the mobile link :hatoff:

How do you that again?

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Re: Ronnie & Mark Williams team131 total clearance

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It was in the CVB Challenge, in Shenzhen in 2017. The match comprised two teams: a British Team with Ronnie O'Sullivan, Mark Williams, Graeme Dott, Joe Perry and Michael Holt versus a China Team with Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo, Yan Bingtao, Zhou Yuelong and Zhao Xintong. It consisted of 10 mini-matches. The British team won quite easily, with only Yan/Zhou winning a doubles match for the Chinese. The doubles matches used the 'Scotch' format, playing alternate shots.

Actually, Dott/Perry combined with a higher break, a 135. I've seen higher breaks in local Chinese team events where Scotch doubles is often played. If I remember, Zhao Xintong and Fan Zhengyi nearly got a 147 in one of those.