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Classic Snooker vol.2

Postby jopesalmi

So, let's try it again! I have been super busy lately (newborn, covid, just bought a house etc.), but maybe now it is the time to upload all the Classic Snooker stuff back to internet! And who knows, maybe the motivation strikes again and i am doing new vids :D

Let's start off with a classic one.

Here is link to new channel, subscribe please! ... ysaJP6LUpQ

Re: Classic Snooker vol.2

Postby Raiel

Great videos.

Snooker was far more entertaining in that era.

Now we've just got Ronnie, Judd and a bunch of others who are not quite so interesting. I'm always looking for someone like a new Tony Drago to appear. But it hasn't happened yet. Maybe it never will.

Re: Classic Snooker vol.2

Postby RunningSide

Fantastic from Fred,forgot how quick he played 100 in 5minutes. Robbo thinking crucible tight, this is Australia best attempt.