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Re: Classic Snooker

Postby TheSaviour

There it is then. He continued from there of what Mark Selby started on sunday! As Selby said that he nearly pulled off a ridiculous clearance in the last frame but missed the last red. Exactly the same extremely difficult positions of the reds!

Re: Classic Snooker

Postby Holden Chinaski

Dan-cat wrote:TWITTER ATTACK

Anthony McGill @antsmcgill
This is quality. What a find. A must watch for all you snooker purists. Go to around 18 and a half minutes for the coolest snooker room - the table comes out of the floor ...

Wow! It's like James Bond's snooker room!

Re: Classic Snooker

Postby kolompar

That's nice. I also like those tables at the start, they even used those in the World Championship. Why did they go back to leggy? You can't find tables like that anymore.