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World Snooker Championship: Crucible magic 1977-2022

Postby Pink Ball

Here's the video I made, followed by a full breakdown of every magic moment included.

0:00-0:06: Ronnie O'Sullivan laughs as Peter Ebdon misses a shot during their 2005 World Championship quarter final.
0:07-0:13: Jimmy White looks on as Stephen Hendry continues his clearance to win the 1994 World Championship final.
0:14-0:19: Judd Trump looks forlorn after missing a chance in the decider of his 2012 World Championship second round match against Ali Carter.
0:20-0:26: Mark Allen after going in-off to lose against Cao Yupeng at the 2012 World Championship, after Allen had potted what would have been a frame-winning black.
0:27-0:32: Paul Hunter looks on as Ken Doherty completes a 17-16 win from 15-9 down in their 2003 semi final.
0:33-0:36: Ding Junhui's icy handshake with Mark Selby after losing to Selby in their 2017 World Championship semi final.
0:37-0:42: Alex Higgins consoles Jimmy White after Higgins won their 1982 World Championship semi final.
0:43: Graeme Dott receives a shock from the table during his 2013 World Championship first round match against Peter Ebdon.
0:44: Ronnie O'Sullivan bangs the table during his semi final against Mark Selby in the 2020 World Championship.
0:45: Mark Selby ducks as pigeon flies through the arena during Selby’s 2022 second round match against Yan Bingtao.
0:46: Bill Werbeniuk's 'pot of the century' against Joe Johnson in the first round in 1985.
0:46: Quinten Hann threatens Andy Hicks after Hann lost to Hicks in the first round in 2004.
0:47: The Ali Carter-Ronnie O'Sullivan shoulder barge during their second round match in 2018.
0:48: Alex Higgins's infamous drunken interview during the 1990 Championship.
0:49: Jimmy White's missed black in the decider of the 1994 final against Stephen Hendry.
0:50-0:51: Stuart Bingham misses a pink when attempting to land a 147 in the first round against Ken Doherty in 2002.
0:52-0:53: Steve Davis misses a cutback black that would have won him the deciding frame of the 1985 final against Dennis Taylor.
0:53-0:56: Tony Knowles misses a pink when on course to win his 1983 semi final against Cliff Thorburn.
0:57-0:59: The red Judd Trump missed when on course for a 147 against John Higgins in the 2019 final.
1:00-1:01: Neil Robertson embraces his mother after he won the 2010 World Championship final against Graeme Dott.
1:02-1:03: John Higgins wins the 1998 World Championship final against Ken Doherty.
1:04: Kyren Wilson sends the white off the table during his second round match against Jamie Jones in 2018.
1:05: Mark Williams knocks the black off the table after defeating Matthew Stevens in the 2000 final.
1:06-1:07: Peter Ebdon misses a simple black when only a few pots away from beating Stephen Hendry in the 2002 final.
1:08-1:09: Stephen Hendry goes in-off in the deciding frame of the 2002 final, effectively handing the title to Peter Ebdon.
1:10-1:13: Alex Higgins's famous blue during his iconic clearance against Jimmy White in their 1982 semi final.
1:14-1:16: Martin Gould sinks an incredible yellow against Ding Junhui in the first round in 2016.
1:17: Judd Trump knocks in a long red against John Higgins in the 2019 final.
1:18-1:19: Peter Ebdon sinks a must-pot pink when on the verge of defeat against Matthew Stevens in their 2002 semi final.
1:20: Ray Reardon develops the reds on the way to winning the frame he needed to win the 1978 final against Perrie Mans.
1:21: Ronnie O'Sullivan forcing an angle off the black to separate red and pink when on course for a 147 in his second round match against Mark Williams in 2008.
1:22: Stephen Hendry sinks a pressure brown on his way to pinching the 24th frame of the 1992 final against Jimmy White.
1:23: Dechawat Poomjaeng dejected after losing a frame on the three misses rule, against Michael White in the second round in 2013.
1:24-1:25: Len Ganley refuses to move for Alex Higgins during Higgins's 1994 first round match against Ken Doherty.
1:26: Matthew Stevens bemused as Shaun Murphy celebrates winning a frame when well behind in their 2007 quarter final.
1:27-1:28: Ronnie O'Sullivan attempts a reckless escape during his 2020 World Championship semi final against Mark Selby.
1:29: Anthony McGill wants Jan Verhaas to take action against Jamie Clark during their 2020 second round match.
1:30-1:31: Ding Junhui forgets to play for the black when on course for a 147 against Mark Davis in their 2015 first round match.
1:32-1:33: Dennis Taylor after missing a match-ball black in the 1985 final against Steve Davis.
1:33-1:34: Stephen Hendry and Jimmy White stand side by side for the interviews following their 1994 final.
1:35: Anthony McGill and Kyren Wilson shake hands after the epic deciding frame of their 2020 semi final.
1:36: Alain Robidoux walks out of the arena without shaking Ronnie O'Sullivan's hand following their first round match in 1996.
1:37-1:42: Shaun Murphy pots an incredible red against Ronnie O'Sullivan in the second round in 2017.
1:43-1:44: Cliff Thorburn seals the first Crucible 147 in the second round against Terry Griffiths in 1983.
1:45: Ronnie O'Sullivan asks for chalk after making the fastest 147 in history against Mick Price in the 1997 first round.
1:46: Graeme Dott celebrates completing a wonder clearance to lead Peter Ebdon 17-14 in the 2006 final.
1:47: Ali Carter hits a 147 in his 2008 second round match against Peter Ebdon.
1:48-1:50: Mark Selby pots the match-winning black in the 2014 final against Ronnie O'Sullivan.
1:51: John Spencer and Cliff Thorburn shake hands after Spencer won the inaugural Crucible final in 1977.
1:52: Steve Davis reflects as he pots the match-winner in the 1981 final against Doug Mountjoy.
1:53: Alex Higgins embraces his daughter after winning the 1982 final against Ray Reardon.
1:54: Ray Reardon smokes a cigarette as Alex Higgins wraps up their 1982 final.
1:55: Kurt Maflin flips the bird at the cue ball as an attempt at a 147 against John Higgins in their second round match in 2020 goes awry.
1:56: Ken Doherty sticks his tongue out as he sealed victory in the 1997 final against Stephen Hendry.
1:57: Joe Johnson reflects as he clears up to win the 1986 final against Steve Davis.
1:58-1:59: Dennis Taylor pots the final black to win the 1985 final against Steve Davis.
2:00: Shaun Murphy lobs chalk into the crowd after he completed an epic comeback against Matthew Stevens in the quarter finals in 2007.
2:01-2:02: Terry Griffiths and Bill Werbeniuk hug Cliff Thorburn after Thorburn hit a 147 against Griffiths in the second round in 1983.
2:03-2:04: Terry Griffiths says 'I'm in the final now, you know' after winning his 1979 semi final against Eddie Charlton.
2:05-2:07: John Parrott swerves the cueball to pot a red on his way to effectively seal victory against Jimmy White in the 1991 final.
2:08: Mark Williams give a press conference while naked, after winning the 2018 World Championship.
2:09-2:10: Nigel Bond goes in-off after potting what should have been a match-winning black in the first round against Stephen Hendry in 2006.
2:11-2:13: Willie Thorne and John Williams clap for Stephen Hendry as Hendry lost on debut against Thorne in 1986.
2:14-2:19: Steve Davis parades the trophy around the Crucible in 2017 after he announced his retirement.
2:20-2:24: Dennis Taylor kisses the trophy after winning the 1985 final against Steve Davis.
2:25-2:26: John Higgins lifts the trophy after beating Judd Trump in the 2011 final.
2:27: Stephen Hendry lifts the trophy after beating Jimmy White in the 1994 final.
2:28-2:34: Ronnie O'Sullivan lifts the trophy after winning a record-equalling 7th Crucible title by beating Judd Trump in the 2022 final.