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Oceania Championship 2020

Postby roy142857

First just to say the recent 'Oceania Championship' in Sydney, New South Wales failed to attract many non-local players. Incredibly disappointing, especially as it leads to a Pro Tour place ... probably down to finances ... So, 48 of 60 players from New South Wales (but the winner is Tasmanian), 58 from Australia plus one Fijian Sahil Prasad and one new Zealander Alan Ball, both of whom went out at the Last 36 stage (qualifying stage for Last 32).

(An aside. Only three Aussies at the Oceania Womens Championship in New Zealand, winner was New Zealander Kimberly Cullen).

A couple of familiar Aussie names losing in the Last 32 were Paul Thomerson (to the eventual champion) and despite dropping only one frame in his qualifying group, James Mifsud (3-0 to Peter Quinlivan).

Last 16

Roger Farebrother 4 - 3 Glen Wilkinson
Ryan Thomerson 4 - 0 David Liu
Shaun Dalitz 4 - 0 Adrian Law
Hassan Kerde 4 - 3 Ben Judge
Cale Barrett 4 - 0 Ron Tulloch
Rob Elsley 4 - 2 Alex Ganji
Tyson Crinis 4 - 1 Terry Emmett
Joe Minici 4 - 0 Peter Quinlivan

Quarter finals
Ryan Thomerson 4 - 3 Roger Farebrother
Shaun Dalitz 4 - 2 Hassan Kerde
Cale Barrett 4 - 1 Rob Elsley
Joe Minici 4 - 2 Tyson Crinis

Semi finals
Shaun Dalitz 5 - 3 Ryan Thomerson
Cale Barrett 5 - 3 Joe Minici

Cale Barrett 6 -1 Shaun Dalitz

Barrett, from Penguin in North West Tasmania, was the Oceania Under 21 Champion in 2017 and Australian Under 23 Champion in 2018.

:win: Congratulations to Cale Barrett on the Championship and the two year Tour card

Re: Oceania Championship 2020

Postby Alex0paul

Good to see a younger player come through the Oceania section