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2016 Asian Snooker Championship

Postby thecueview

Run by the Asian Confederation of Billiard Sports, this continental championship begins tomorrow in Doha, Qatar and concludes on the 23rd.

The winner will receive a guaranteed two year World Snooker professional tour card - should they accept it.

20 countries are represented, although there are no Chinese entrants?!

Read my preview here... ... eview.html

Re: 2016 Asian Snooker Championship

Postby roy142857

Very surprised no Chinese players! Quite surprised but in a good way to see players from Indonesia, Philippines and Turkmenistan at these - they don't always manage to send teams. As nearly always the case, no representatives from Myanmar even though they are pretty competitive at this level when they do show.

Just mentioning a couple of interesting results early in the group stages:

G Sundeep Gulati (India) 4 - 2 Amir Sarkhosh (Iran)
H Michael Mengorio (Philippines) 4 - 3 Raymond Fung Kwok Wai (Hong Kong)

Re: 2016 Asian Snooker Championship

Postby roy142857

Just posting some more results 'of interest' - I've put the group before the result

B Muhammad Asif (Pakistan) 4 - 3 Karam Fatima (Syria)
B Omar Alajlani (Saudi Arabia) 4 - 0 Muhammad Asif (Pakistan)
C Mohammad Bilal (Pakistan) 4 - 3 Mohamed Shehab (UAE)
D Manan Chandra (India) 4 - 3 Ahmed Aseeri (Saudi Arabia)
D Lim Kok Leong (Malaysia) 4 - 3 Ahmed Aseeri (Saudi Arabia)
D Manan Chnadra (India) 4 - 0 Lim Kok Leong (Malaysia)
E Habib Sabah (Bahrain) 4 - 2 Nook Kritsanut (Thailand)
F Au Chi-Wai (Hong Kong) 4 - 2 Mohammed Al Joaker (UAE)
G Amir Sarkhosh (Iran) 4 - 3 Bashar Abdul Majeed (Qatar)
H Michael Mengorio (Philippines) 4 - 3 Chan Chee Keong (Singapore)
J Muhammad Sajjad (Pakistan) 4 - 0 Ahmed Saif (Qatar)
K Soheil Vahedi (Iran) 4 - 3 Moh Keen Hoo
L Yuttapop Pakpoj (Thailand) 4 - 3 Mohsen Bukshaisha (Qatar)

Note re name order. Some names listed in what I think is the wrong order by ACBS. I've gone with names as listed by the Hong Kong team webpage (Au Chi Wai), Malaysian Star newspaper (Lim Kok Leong, Moh Keen Hoo) and cuesports, (Chan Chee Keong)

Re: 2016 Asian Snooker Championship

Postby kolompar

An interesting entrant is 16-year-old Jeffrey Roda from the Philippines. He was runner-up in the World U17 9-ball 2 years ago. Looks like he's already through to the knockouts.

Re: 2016 Asian Snooker Championship

Postby roy142857

Wondering how many players not through to the knockouts - there's 12 groups and two are groups of 4, and the knockout draw page is set up for a 'Last 48' - which would imply 4 from each group and 2 groups with all players through! Perhaps a Last 46 actually, or maybe they'll fill the last two spots by some comparison of all the last placed players (frame difference perhaps?). Anyone know?

re Roda, two wins from 4 games will guarantee him a spot, looks an interesting talent. More impressive than the wins in a way was taking two frames against Au Chi Wai (although whitewashed by Mohammed Al Joaker).
Hope he keeps going with the snooker.

A few matches still to play in the group stages, but much decided

Some results 'of interest' from yesterday and this morning (what's at stake is where players are in the knockout draw rather than whether they'll qualify, so interesting mostly as an indication of form).

Group A was won by India's Pankaj Advani without him dropping a frame. Decent performance other than the loss to Advani by Qatar's Ali Alobaidli, he only dropped one frame to the other 2 players.

B Omar Alajlani (Saudi Arabia) 4 - 1 Karam Fatima (Syria)
D Sohail Shehzad (Pakistan) 4 - 3 Lim Kok Leong (Malaysia)
G Marvin Lim Chun Kiat (Singapore) 4 - 3 Sundeep Gulati (India)
H Michael Mengorio (Philippines) 4 - 3 Gebby Putra (Indonesia)
K Ishpreet Singh Chadha (India) 4 - 0 Soheil Vahedi (Iran)
L Husain Mahmood (Bahrain) 4 - 0 Mohsen Bukshaisha (Qatar)

re the last 3 results, surprised Mengorio was challenged by Putra, and surprised Vahedi and Bukshaisha weren't more competitive ...I'd have made both narrow favourites for those matches!

A match today between Iran's Arman Dinarvand and the UAE's Mohammed Alshamsi will decide who tops Group M, both players have only dropped one frame thus far.

Re: 2016 Asian Snooker Championship

Postby roy142857

Thanks for that! So we can probably safely assume 3 from each group going through, glancing through them looks like Marvin Lim needs a favour from Sundeep Gulati, Lim I think will go out unless Gulati beats Bashar Abdulmajeed by 3 frames.

Re: 2016 Asian Snooker Championship

Postby roy142857

Good article as always

First 'Last 32' matches well underway already (India's Ishpreet Singh Chadha has already beaten Mohammed Al Joaker of the UAE) even though one Last 36 match has lasted an age and is still in a decider (A.Mohsin Al-Abdulrahman of Qatar v Alvin Barbero of The Philippines).

Last 36 results

Alijalil Ali (Iraq) 4 - 1 Chee Keong Chan (Singapore) (Not sure that name's in the right order ...)
Jefrey Roda (Philippines) 4 - 1 Robby Suarly (Indonesia)
Sohail Shehzad (Pakistan) 4 - 1 Marvin Lim Chun Kiat (Singapore)

Re: 2016 Asian Snooker Championship

Postby roy142857

Barbero won his Last 36 match

All the heavy scorers seem to be in the top half ...

Last 32

Pankaj Advani (India) 4 - 1 Alijalil Ali (Iraq)
(Advani opened with breaks of 73 and 85)
Ishpreet Singh Chadha (India) 4 - 1 Mohammed Al Joaker (UAE)
(Chadha breaks of 134 and 87)

Yuttapop Pakpoj (Thailand) 4 - 0 Mohammed Alshamsi (UAE)
(Pakpoj in the first 3 frames had breaks of 54, 58 and 54)
Manan Chandra (India) 3 - 4 Karam Fatima (Syria)

Muhammad Sajjad (Pakistan) 3 - 4 Soheil Vahedi (Iran)
Sundeep Gulati (India) 2 - 4 Muhammad Asif (Pakistan)
(Asif breaks of 66, 57 and 61)

'Nook' Kritsanut Lertsattayathorn (Thailand) 4 - 3 Raymond Fung Kwok Wai (Hong Kong)
Mohammad Bilal (Pakistan) 4 - 1 Jefrey Roda (Philippines)
(Bilal breaks of 104 and 97)

Habib Sabah (Bahrain) 4 - 3 Sohail Shehzad (Pakistan)
Mohamed Shehab (UAE) 4 - 3 Ali Alobaidli (Qatar)

Moh Keen Hoo
(Malaysia) 4 - 1 Ali Hussein (Iraq)
Omar Alajlani (Saudi Arabia) 4 - 0 Au Chi Chung (Hong Kong)

Au Chi Wai (Hong Kong) 4 - 1 Husain Mahmood (Bahrain)
Michael Mengorio (Philippines) 4 - 1 Ahmed Aseeri (Saudi Arabia)

Ahmed Saif (Bahrain) 3 - 4 Amir Sarkhosh (Iran)
Arman Dinarvand (Iran) 4 - 3 Alvin Barbero (Philippines)

Re: 2016 Asian Snooker Championship

Postby roy142857

Last 16

Pankaj Advani (India) 4 - 3 Ishpreet Singh Chadha (India)
(Advani break of 107)
Yuttapop Pakpoj (Thailand) 2 - 4 Karam Fatima (Syria)
(Fatima closed out with a 74 break)

Muhammad Asif (Pakistan) 4 - 2 Soheil Vahedi (Iran)
Mohammad Bilal (Pakistan) 1 - 4 'Nook' Kritsanut Lertsattayathorn (Thailand)

Habib Sabah (Bahrain) 1 - 4 Mohamed Shehab (UAE)
Omar Alajlani (Saudi Arabia) 4 - 3 Moh Keen Hoo (Malaysia)

Au Chi Wai (Hong Kong) 3 - 4 Michael Mengorio (Philippines)
Arman Dinarvand (Iran) 0 - 4 Amir Sarkhosh (Iran)

Re: 2016 Asian Snooker Championship

Postby roy142857

Quarter finals

Pankaj Advani (India) 5 - 0 Karam Fatima (Syria)
'Nook' Kritsanut Lertsattayathorn (Thailand) 5 - 4 Muhammad Asif (Pakistan)
(Kritsanut breaks of 116 and 86 and 81)

Omar Alajlani (Saudi Arabia) 1 - 5 Mohamed Shehab (UAE)
(Shehab closed out with a break of 99)
Michael Mengorio (Philippines) 3 - 5 Amir Sarkhosh (Iran)
(Mengorio breaks of 92, 73, 59 and 50; Sarkhosh breaks of 83, 70 and 54)

Semi finals

Mohamed Shehab (UAE) 5 - 1 Amir Sarkhosh (Iran)
(Sarkhosh break of 97)

Lertsattayathorn currently leads Advani 4-3

Re: 2016 Asian Snooker Championship

Postby roy142857

The Final

'Nook' Kritsanut Lertsattayathorn (Thailand) 6 - 2 Mohamed Shehab (UAE)

Looks like Shehab kept it tight, one half century each by way of breaks.

Congratulations to Nook Kritsanut, Asian Snooker Champion 2016! :win:

A new Thai on tour (assuming he accepts, visa status etc!)

Anyone know much about his 'nickname? I know his Facebook is Nook Kritsanut, and I've seen references by the Thai media calling him Nook Sakol - I've a feeling there's more to these names than just a nickname - see this from the Bangkok Post for instance, not just him but other players referred to by two names - and the reference to TT as Man Nakhonpathom as well as to Nook