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Who is more likely to win his 2nd world title?

Neil Robertson
Shaun Murphy
Total votes : 18

Re: Robertson or Murphy more likely to win his 2nd world tit

Postby carayip

Ash147 wrote:I'd say Robertson. His record at the WC may not be the best, but I think he's more of a threat than Murphy is. Murphy hasn't even made it past the second round since 2015.

Robertson’s record at Crucible is a lot worse than Murphy. He only reached the one table setup once since his win. Murphy at least got to the final 2 more times since his win.

Re: Robertson or Murphy more likely to win his 2nd world tit

Postby chengdufan

I voted Robertson. He has the game to do it if he's at his best. Murphy relies too much on his opponents not capitalising on his safety blunders.
I'd give Robertson a 25% chance of winning another, Murphy 5-10%.

Re: Robertson or Murphy more likely to win his 2nd world tit

Postby TheSaviour

Neil Robertson by all the way, as he plays almost any given shot with a touch.

That´s just what the current trend favours, as the lads like Page, Sergeant or Yan Bingtao comes with all guns blazing and just forgets the touch. Neil is the man to take an advantage of that.

Simple as that. It doesn´t mean he wouldn´t had any daft impressions and gestures, overreactions, probably some overreactions as well. But it doesn´t mean that much as long as Yan will be such a flamboyant character, Page, Sergeant and many, many other youngsters as well just going for their shots. Ha haa. And ha ha ha ha haa.

The good about Shaun is that he has more bottle to go for the breaks as some highly talented but just too exprienced (means too tight tactics..) lads like Peter Lines and Mike Dunn. That´s the good thing about the current Shaun Murphy; he has at least some bottle left. Which can and means a much. Still. Yes.

Now, it still is a difficult ball game by all the way. Now the on-going Shoot-Out is a much, much mental pain to watch. But one shouldn´t forget how difficult it is to control to cue-ball and having some ideas of how to take those cannons right… Still some really playing as well there just is. This is just the correct format, make no mistakes. Ball in hand doesn´t mean much anything, as they just fail to take an advantage of any kind from that and there. The better player always wins the Shoot-Out match, make no mistakes. Great, great format. Any given ranking tournament should be a Shoot-Out, me thinks. I absolutely love the format, yet it is a pain to watch I know.

Did someone previously mentioned Patrick plays some interesting stuff…. He did against Murphy so, yet still lost the match 0-5, and now he did it again in Watford! A truly great prospect! He is a Scot, let´s face it. It still must mean something, and it indeed did!

Two fellas who has all the looks in the world are Peter Lines and Mike Dunn. If only espicially Peter could just think it in way where the centuries and even 147s could be making in front of audiences, and we would have the genuine snooker-revolution! If only…. Not any likely, but let´s not lose all the hope. With Neil and Shaun we know what we will having, and it is not enough to have any revolution.

Andy Lee has learned all the shots he has, nothing unique about him. It is good as he follows the rules. I really like that. he just completely let himself down, and the Shoot-Out format never, never lies! What you you see during that 10minutes is absolutely all there just is and could be. Andy Lee...… :spot on: Jackson Page, Yan, Sergeant :mood: :mood: :mood: . What the bloody h.ll. All there just can be is just going for those shots. They can get laid with that approach, but the sport of snooker is a different animal.

Ronnie did touch that black and got away from it, as the ref didn´t have bottle. A difficult situation for sure, and these things just tends to happen. Glad he still got through. The second greatest snooker-brains, the second greatest break-building brains, the second greatest solid thinker of the planet. This the greatest snooker format of all time and what there just can be just needs Ronnie! And I did have some money on him, surely, why not.


COME ON RONNIE !!!!!!!!!

I would love to wrote that also regarding Peter Lines and Mike Dunn, but I don´t wan´t to be a clown. They have live long enough to know their stuff. It is a stuff where all the own natural talent and great looks is wasted.

Take the biggest clown from the audience, picture HIM to play. He would be 5 centimeters away from the prime position, at his best. I would be 2 metres. And yet I have still make all those… I have yet coached many top lads to make it to happen, believe or not…. In a way…. Yes. What I mean what is essential is just any given person and mistakes are different. Neil is a very different to Shaun. Some mistakes are fatal, some not so much of it.

Why would it matter if all writing has been done in order to write if all of lol.


Believe or not, but at least the playing now is fun. Something which doesn´t make that much great sense when thinking it, but it is fun now.

Ryan Day is back now. Barry Hawkins actually is a very, very calm lad. The sport of snooker just does reward of being that. Ronnie also is just like that. It is just a physical quality. Carty not any but has some ideas, yeah. But a desperate, desperate bottler indeed, as well as Andy Lee also is. Still absolutely over the moon, when Carty did fell over the first line. And a many, many other Carty´s there as well. I see immeaditely through a person, if he or she is any nervous or not. But this sport requires something else too than being a calm lad, but it is a great start for sure. Ryan Day is back, Stevens is Stevens, Bazza always will be there to take an adavantage, Kyren is a new Stevens!

And Andy Lee also all the way. As all the rules would be respected once again. One particular rule is from America. Not from Germany, originally. The Germans just did took that during the Reich.

That´s all folks!