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How many times better than every player is Ronnie?

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Ronnie's Talent

Postby Cue Guru

It pains me to hear Ronnie saying he's puts 20% into snooker. Is that like an hour or so a day? When most are busting a gut 6-8hrs a day (even Mr. Whopper, Judd Trump) to up the standard and land titles, Ronnie seems more interested in family, coffee and apartment raffles ( than snooker. Family yeah, that should be number one, but snooker (his gift) should be number 2 I reckon, especially as the guy isn't exactly broke enough to be hands on in creating a coffee and property empire.

Och well, nevermind. Then it got me thinking, so he wins two titles this season at 20% horsepower. Unreal. So many times better than other players is Ronnie, if he can win at a trot?

Re: Ronnie's Talent

Postby Cloud Strife

I voted 5, but where's the option for 10 or even 20? I really do think he is that good.

Re: Ronnie's Talent

Postby Ronnie79

Im a massive ronnie fan. But there is no point saying he 5 times better than every player. You cant say he is 5 times after than Selby Robertson and Trump. He is miles clear of a lot of the other players.

Re: Ronnie's Talent

Postby TheSaviour

Let´s say that the topic is good, but I am not sure about the rest of the article.. Because, how many times better some player is than some other is always so strictly linked to the time and situation. It is like the social media. If one doesn´t have all the time the mobile phone or a computer in the hand, then one is usually "late" when trying to write or post something.

But you can always say that if some player wouldn't ́t exist he or she should be invented! i have certainly come into a conclusion that if Reanne Evans wouldn´t exist she should be invented!