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Re: BetVictor Welsh Open Last 32 Discussion !!!

Postby Andy Spark

These tables are playing like rubbish! What is it with British event tables these days!? They're playing as baldly as Chinese events.

Meteorologists have coined the term "Global Weirding" to describe the increased tendency for extreme weather. I think we should coin the term "Snooker Table Weirding" to describe the steady deterioration of playing conditions.

Re: BetVictor Welsh Open Last 32 Discussion !!!

Postby AC or LT?

Skullman wrote:
AC or LT? wrote:
Skullman wrote:No. It seems to be a problem with the table if anything, but they can't really change that.

Eurosport were saying it couldn't be as the balls they players called on drifted in opposite directions. Also there'd not be much point changing the balls if the table was at fault.

Maybe they were using Murphy specials and there actually rubbish? World Snooker did say they'd be trialling them at some ranking events this season, it'd certainly explain why so many players are performing below par as they'd have to adjust to balls that are different.

Players were told when they were testing out the polish and I think someone would've mentioned.

Maybe they just didn't cue them properly and got a bit of side on?

That'd explain why Robertson's been ill at ease since before he even broke off, if he disagrees with Murphy's theory and he's been told he has to play with Murphy's balls then I can see why he'd be snake hissed.

They should really inform fans when there using Murphy's balls so we can know if what's going on in the players heads is do with that or not.

Re: BetVictor Welsh Open Last 32 Discussion !!!

Postby Andy Spark

SnookerFan wrote:
Andy Spark wrote:For the top players ranking events are not important now, only triple crown events are important.

Top players will want to win every tournament they enter.

Well, if that's true then why was Ronnie playing exhibition shots this tournament? He wouldn't have done that if it was the World Championship, Masters or UK Championship. Ronnie selects the important events and plays differently, that's one of the reasons he achieves more.

Re: BetVictor Welsh Open Last 32 Discussion !!!

Postby Skullman


Ronnie O'Sullivan 3-4 Matthew Stevens
Mark Allen 3-4 Ben Woollaston
Matthew Selt 3-4 Allister Carter
Joe Perry 2-4 Gary Wilson

NB 2pm

Michael Georgiou 4-3 Graeme Dott
Martin Gould 1-2 Ricky Walden
Peter Ebdon 1-2 Mark Selby
Jamie Cope 2-2 Neil Robertson TV

Re: BetVictor Welsh Open Last 32 Discussion !!!

Postby sundaygirl

Back from my half term trip to London with the boy and watching the Ronnie match from earlier enjoying it very much knowing the outcome
Congratulations Matthew
Was I the only one to go for him in the prediction contest?

Re: BetVictor Welsh Open Last 32 Discussion !!!

Postby masterdoctorgenius

O'Sullivan said: "Matthew played a good match and deserved his win. He's had a lean few years but he's a great player and has under-achieved. It's unfortunate for me but that's snooker - you win some and lose some and have to accept the losses. It was a good crowd and a good atmosphere - I'm just disappointed to have lost."