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Re: Coral U K Championship Semi Final 1: Bingham v O'Sulliv

Postby Skullman

Guessing the British Broadcasting Corporation only want to cover British events. Plus I don't think they'd be happy just taking the stream from Chinese TV.

Plus how will they 'celeb' spot and get people to laugh at endless 'Where's the cue ball going?!'and other rubbish jokes?

Re: Coral U K Championship Semi Final 1: Bingham v O'Sulliv

Postby The Cueist

Comes down to cost.
Same as snooker coverage comes down to being fair
On other viewers that dont appreciate snooker on all the time.

I think that the beeb air a fair amount of snooker and televiise the three main tournaments adequately.

Obviously on eurosport there is more advertising revenue in cycling and skiing and scheduling is dodgy.

You cant have snooker on to the point of saturation .

You know I read posts on this forum with " took the snooker off " for whatever programne was scheduled "
Without ever thinking that there are thousands of viewers that do not care for snooker to be broadcast when they have reason to view their programme.

Snooker is a game at the end of the day and there are a few on here who I find a bit obsessive.
It aint sacred you know.

I think we get great coverage overall of the najor tournaments and the Welsh open .

We are lucky as fans to get decent coverage like we do.

Admittedly the beeb needs to sort out a new breed of commentators and pundits .

I am sick of hearing John Virgo , Dennis Taylor , Willie Thorne and John Parrot pundit.
Same old , Same old , And needs freashening up a bit .

Willie thinks he sees himself when commentating on a match and what he woukd do.

John Virgo very dry , Sometimes slightly amusing but same old patter.

Dennis Taylor just same old patter.

I dont dislikeany of them I am just sick of hearing the same old crack .

Still in reality they are just not relevant these days .

Not to me their not anyway.

If the beeb could sort this out it would be a lot better.

I preferred the times wben Ray Stubbs and Dougie Donnelly used to be in charge of the presenting team.

David Vine was a great enthusiast lf snoojer and the best bar none.

There team needs rejuvinating with new peopke