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Gujinggong Liquor Haikou World Open Semi Final Discussion!

Postby Wildey

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Monday 10th ~ Sunday 16th of March in Hainan, China

Defending Champion Mark Allen is still there winning his 15th streight match at the World Open with John Higgins his latest victim and he will face 2005 World Champion Shaun Murphy, and World no 2 Mark Selby will be playing the Australian Open Champion Marco Fu.

Who will make the final?


Semi Finals

Mark Allen v Shaun Murphy Murphy leads 8-4
Mark Selby v Marco Fu Selby leads 8-4





Re: Gujinggong Liquor Haikou World Open Semi Final Discussio

Postby Andre147

Skullman wrote:I'll try but I haven't managed any time this week. Closest I got was 8.

Even if it were Ronnie for me I don't think I would wake up at 6 a.m, never been one to wake up that early unless I absolutely have to.

Think I'll watch the 2nd semi live and the first later recorded.