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Re: Sports Lottery Cup Wuxi Classic Final Discussion !!!!

Postby Andre147

TheRocket wrote:
Wildey wrote:
SnookerFan wrote:
Muppet147 wrote:Big deal. Robbo wins a tinpot tournament. He will lose in the first round of the world championship ...again.

A bit like when Chelsea or Man U win League Cup. It's not the tournament that counts, but the win.

Are you suggesting Robertson mess around all year, and then really try come Sheffield? Or that Higgins shrugged off the loss and went; "Oh well, it's only Wuxi."

To win tournaments like The World Championship, you have to have a winning mentality. A player with a winning mentality doesn't stop trying just because the tournament he's presently in isn't a major. <ok>

Absolutely Spot on any fool can hit form for 2 weeks in April Being a Great is about traveling and Winning Big and Small .....Robbo has done it all over the last 8 years and only complete plonker that would not now put him on level terms as Jimmy White and Gunning after Mark Williams.

No, not anyone can. 95 % of the Snookerplayers would leap for joy if they manage it to win the World only once. Just imagine how much the desire of players like Selby,Maguire,Ding, Carter must be. And only a true all time great or legend can win it more than once. And with your statement you are simply relativizing and understimating the performances of all the World Champions , especially of the legends.

And everbody knows , that there will always be a huge black shadow on you, when you haven't won the World Championship. And it does not matter how many tournaments you won apart from the World. You can even win 10 Uk Titles and 10 Masters Titles.
And Neil Robertson himself knows it very well and fortunately for him he is a World Champion.

Absolutely, very few can have the required form and stamina to win the Worlds, and those who do win it deserve every credit for it.

Just look at Selby for instance. No matter how many Masters and UK titles he wins, until he gets his hands on that World Crown there will be always something missing.

Re: Sports Lottery Cup Wuxi Classic Final Discussion !!!!

Postby Wildey

But anyone can hit form at the right time Greats do it on a sustain period of time...

personally i rank winning 3 ranker or more a season no matter what they are above winning the World championship if there's nothing else on the CV that season.

i put more credibility on consistency over a longer period than just 2 weeks.

Re: Sports Lottery Cup Wuxi Classic Final Discussion !!!!

Postby hendry_fan

[quote="GJ"]hendo fan

not so cocky now are you pal <laugh>



Haha Gj,"cocky",i was havin a dig at you,you hazelnut!.It,s usually you who,s cocky mate,so i,d thought i,d be it for once!. <laugh>

I actualy wrote when it was 2-2 that i slightly favoured Robbo to win and he indeed did,so as usual,i was right again!. :happy:

Re: Sports Lottery Cup Wuxi Classic Final Discussion !!!!

Postby hendry_fan

Well done Robbo,he deserved to win,he played well all week including the final. <ok>

The BIG turning point was at 5-2 when Higgins played a fairly good safety but unfortunately left a plant on,it had to be made but it was still on,Robbo made it and from then on came back and went up a gear,Higgins went down a gear.