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free ball

Postby tek000

after a white goes in off, is it still a free ball when you can actually hit either side of a ball but only by moving the white in the d to one position to hit the L/H side and another position to hit the R/H side

Re: free ball

Postby Badsnookerplayer

It is a free ball.

This is from the rules:
The cue-ball is said to be snookered when a direct stroke in a straight line to
every ball on is wholly or partially obstructed by a ball or balls not on. If one or
more balls on can be struck at both extreme edges free of obstruction by any
ball not on, the cue-ball is not snookered.
(a) If in-hand, the cue-ball is snookered if it is obstructed as described above
from all possible positions on or within the lines of the “D”.