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False 147

Postby Lou147

This will sound very daft of me but I was thinking earlier, is it possible for a player to score 147 in a frame without it being a maximum break? For example, if I was to pot a red and a black, then miss my next shot, then my opponent misses his and I clear up with reds and blacks, albeit very unlikely if it is possible, and if so has it ever happened?

Re: False 147

Postby Andre147

Haven't a clue if it has happened or not, but if the break ended it's not a 147. I've seen 147s being made when the total score was more than 147, for instance one made by Higgins against Walden I think,he ended with 150s because Walden had made 1 or 2 fouls prior to the break.

Re: False 147

Postby Dan-cat

Theoretically you could get a free ball and then take a couple of blues or whatever and the break could end up at 147, but it wouldn't be a maxi. It would be a faux-maxi.