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Postby elnino

Player A comes prepared for a match.

Player B has no chalk.

Player A offers to share his chalk with Player B.

The the block of chalk is left on the table rails during the game.

In one particular turn, the cue ball leaves the bed of the table, travels along the rail, touches the block of chalk ;and, finally the cue ball falls back onto the bed of the table!!!!!

Clearly a foul had been committed.

a) Who is penalized?

b) How does the game continue?

Re: Responsibility

Postby Andre147

You didn't mention which player was at the table during the duration of that stroke, player A or B?

Either way, it's the striker's fault for not removing that object from the cushion, therefore he will simply be penalised by the value of the ball on during that stroke. Play continues with the other player now as the striker, with the usual options after a Foul is committed.

And Stephen Maguire might have something to say about a certain ChalkGate incident as well ;-)

Re: Responsibility

Postby elnino

Andre 147 spot on.
Striker in play is penalized.
Play continues from the position the balls came to rest.