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Snooker Rule Clarification

Postby BumpyDog


Can anyone please give me the ruling on the following event in a recent game of snooker.

Pink and black were the only balls left on the table, the white cue ball hit the pink into the pocket, rebounded onto the black and hit the black into another pocket.

I was told that the pink stays down and 6 points are awarded and the black comes back out onto the table on the black spot with no penalty. Is this the case?



Re: Snooker Rule Clarification

Postby Roland

Both pink and black come back out and the penalty is 7 points. You do not get points for potting the pink because the shot is a foul shot. Also note that any foul on the black when it is last ball on the table ends the frame unless the points are tied after the foul. This is why you don't see players playing for "angled" snookers on the black and why after potting pink and being more than 7 points ahead the player will either not attempt the black or have a thrash and not care if they foul.