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Hello everyone!

Postby João_SnookerPlanet

Hello everyone!

I found this forum and decided to register! It looks nice...

I'm 16 and I follow snooker since 2002/03, when Williams, Hendry and O'Sullivan were on top. I'm from Portugal and I'm one of the admins of the no1 snooker website in my country:
This year, we've had the first ever national snooker championship and the first snooker club/academy in Portugal has opened, so it's good news for us! :)
I started playing snooker last summer and I've got a 91 break in practice and a 57 in a match. Unfortunately I can't practice as much as I would like, but I believe things will change soon...
Stephen Hendry is my hero.

Here's my profile, inspired by Global Snooker's profiles...

Name: João Esteves da Silva
DOB: 11/5/1994
Nationality: Portuguese
Birthplace: Lisboa
Residence: Lisboa
Snooker activities: admin of Snooker Planet (the portuguese website about snooker), developing snooker in Portugal, Eurosport writer and commentator, playing
Started playing: 2009
Started at: Snooker Aguia Club
Biggest influence: watching on tv; Stephen Hendry
Club: B.S.A. British Snooker Academies
Player admire the most: Stephen Hendry…he’s a WINNER
Highest break: 57 (match), 91 (practice)
Cue type: 1 piece
Cue make: Hunt & Osborne
Shaft material: Ash
Butt material: Ebony with tulipwood splices

Re: Hello everyone!

Postby Wildey

João_SnookerPlanet wrote:Stephen Hendry is my hero.
Player admire the most: Stephen Hendry…he’s a WINNER

<ok> <ok>

i like you

anyway welcome to the island glad you made it <ok>

Re: Hello everyone!

Postby Tubberlad

Welcome aboard Joao... pretty much the same age as myself <ok>

Re: Hello everyone!

Postby N_Castle07

Hello Joao,

Welcome great to see posters from abroad. And a 91 break with only a year playing you must be very talented <ok> and you couldn't of picked a better hero in Hendry <ok>