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hi from germany

Postby moody

hello snookerisland. tryin to build my own snooker-blog. hope, can find infos and tipps here...

Re: hi from germany

Postby Roland

Welcome moody! Give me a shout if you want to exchange links. Mean time have a look around and enjoy the forum :santa:

Re: hi from germany

Postby Wildey

moody welcome <ok>

snooker island is a fan friendly site that helps to encourage and advertise other sites so the word on snooker gets spread around the world to different countries which is important for the growth of the sport.

some sites are closed shop not us <ok>

Re: hi from germany

Postby Eirebilly

Welcome Moody, i am just over the border from you in Holland :)

Its good to see a few more mainland Euopeans getting involved in the game, lets hope that Hearn gives us a good tournement here <ok>

Re: hi from germany

Postby JohnFromLondonTown

How you doing moody & welcome. What part of Germany are you in? I done a good bit of work in Geestacht. Enjoy yourself on here. <ok>