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Hello fellow snooker loving folk

Postby drew

Pleased to have found this forum.

I'm a snooker fan who started playing when I was 10 or so in 1983 on a 5ft table up in the playroom in the loft.

Watched the game often in the 80's on the television. My snooker heroes were Jimmy White; Alex Higgins; Ray Readon & a little later a young Stephen Hendry.

Once I went to collage and got a car I started playing regulaly down the local club in Chichester. Moved away from Sussex and a decent club and didn't play for 10 years as I moved to Milan, Itlay and could only manage playing the odd game of pool.

4 years ago after moving to Copenhagen I discovered a nice snooker club just down the road. Now play weekly.

I have managed a 43 break which is a fair amount in my opinion, but not good. I want to achieve 50 at some point but know I can't get there with just good potting alone. My positional play is very limited and along with my lack of concentration I struggle.

I'm hoping to get some advice on this forum from people who might have had similar experiences, as well as possibly hoping to help other players to improve on areas I might know something about.

Re: Hello fellow snooker loving folk

Postby Dan-cat

Morning Drew, I love Copenhagen - one of my favourite places. We are of similar age and snooker trajectory!

43 is pretty good. Are you hitting 40s regularly? I'm not. I should be. I get the occasional 30+, I suffer from twentyitus though. My potting and positional play are good, I think, I can play all the shots - time to get a coach.